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Eleaf To Release 75w, 100w and 150w Versions of The iStick

Just when you thought the iStick Series has capped on its peak in both popularity and sales, you find out from us today that Eleaf will exceed them both with its upcoming release and addition to the series.  That’s correct, Eleaf will soon release a 75 watt, a 100 watt and a 150 watt version of the famous iStick.

eleaf istick 50wattThe iStick series hasn’t been that long in existence, but it certainly climbed the rope to fame very quickly.  What’s so fascinating about how Eleaf went about designing this series is that they set out to offer a minimalist device that still offered all the popular features found in any other device, except that it was priced exceptionally lower.  Moreover, the iStick Series was made to where it captured the full spectrum of consumers by offering a 10w mini iStick that attracted new vapers, the 20w iStick that attracted the beginner vaper looking to step up in power, the 30w iStick that attracted the intermediate vaper looking for even more power, and a 50w iStick for the advanced vaper looking for a big increase in power, a more hefty feel, a large increase in battery life and the ability to attach any atomizer without being restricted.

Though it may seem like it, I’m not an iStick fanboy, but I certainly recommend the device and praise it for it being what it is.  It offers consumers an increase in wattage and battery life, while still maintaining that friendly price tag.  This allows more vapers to receive a great vaping experience without bordering their budget.  These mods make it even easier for me, since there’s a lot of viewers asking for my recommendation on mods (even though I have written articles with recommendations).  I can easily point out the iStick series to any vaper, no matter their experience level, and I don’t have to feel bad after because they aren’t having to shell out much money to receive the exact same awesome vaping experience that I do on a daily basis.

Have you ever heard the saying “Don’t fix what isn’t broke”?  Eleaf has lived by those words as it continues to do the same thing since the start of its popular iStick Series.  It’s revising the same product, but adding a small feature here and there to the existing ones and increasing the wattage.  It’s a smart way to sell a product, and you can’t knock them because everyone is buying into it simply because they’re getting what they want and at a low-cost.  It’s too early to tell what additional features or milliamp rating  the new iStick additions will have, but you heard it from us first that the iStick 75w, the iStick 100w and the iStick 150w will be available soon.  No further information has become available.

If you learn of any information related to this release, we would very much appreciate it if you would share it with us in the comments below to inform other viewers.

Eleaf iStick 100W NOW Available: GET IT HERE

EDIT:  Turns out my source gave true information, even though iSmoka claimed different.  I guess they just didn’t want to let the cat out of the bag too early. Check out this picture!

istick 100w
Photo Credit: Tom Goldman






28 responses to “Eleaf To Release 75w, 100w and 150w Versions of The iStick”

  1. Richard Watts Avatar

    Great bit of info Blake, keep us updated! I love my 50w as my out and about daily driver, and my wife loves her 30w… If the price was right I’d consider a 100w or 150w istick… though honestly 75w seems silly… why not just get the 100w?

    1. Blake Brown Avatar

      Richard, thanks! I know I wasn’t able to provide much information here, but I know there’s a lot of you out there that enjoy the iStick as much as myself, so I figured I’d let everyone know more are coming soon. I personally use the iStick 50w and my wife uses the iStick 20w. I wouldn’t mind having a 100w iStick depending on the size.

      1. Vapin devil Avatar
        Vapin devil

        well i spoke with my rep at the Factory and she says they are NOT coming out with any of them….

        This information is not our official information, please kindly understand.


        Best Regards
        Anna Zhao

        Abroad Sales
        Shenzhen iSmoka Electronics Co., Ltd.

        1. tashia Avatar

          Obviously YOU were lied to lol

  2. dazza Avatar

    Thats the biggest if with these products. Alot of the reason these are so popular is they offer high wattages and big enough battery for their size. Thats the key thing here is size, if these new devices are just as big as a sigelei for example then I would personally just go for a sigelei. Make these small enough with high wattages and decent battery and the people will come.

    1. Chadwick Avatar

      Sigelei either 100watt plus and 150watt versions don’t offer usb charging like I assume any new istick version will.. also there are complaints with the lag in power button on the Sigelei.. i guess the only advantage would be for those that like being able to switch out batteries.. also a 150watt istick would rly need a faster charger imo.. besides that I am not rich and being able to subohm on a budget with my istick 50watt and atlantis has rly changed my whole vaping experience.. so having the option of 75watts, 100watts or 150watts at the always fair price of eleaf istick.. being able to power the .2ohm coils on some of the new subohm tanks is my reason for wanting that much wattage

  3. Emil Russo Avatar
    Emil Russo

    do you know what the mah might be,the only reason i would buy it is if the mah was higher than 4400,because i do not use more than 20 watts. I don’t like sub ohming.

    1. Alex Clark Avatar
      Alex Clark

      Honestly, if you don’t enjoy sub-ohm vaping, there isn’t much point in getting the 100w. It’s designed to fit 2 18650 batteries (sold seperately and around $20 if you purchase them at the right place) and each 18650 battery is normally 2200mah which would equal the istick 50w’s 4400mah capacity the 100w is designed for sub-ohming so if I were you, I’d stick with the 50w.

  4. Hunter Schultz Avatar
    Hunter Schultz

    When are these supposed to be released?

    1. Blake Brown Avatar

      At this time that is the only information I’ve received is that these devices will be coming to the market soon. I don’t have an exact date, I don’t know of the specs or features they may hold and I’m not even sure what they’ll look like. I’m running on limited information, but as soon as I receive more, I’ll update this post.

      1. Alex Clark Avatar
        Alex Clark

        It should be released early August

  5. Amanda Avatar

    Don’t get me wrong… I love & use my iStick50 every single day. As far as their reliabilty, quality.. most seem quick to judge them, as a whole, based off certain experiences (which can happen with anything) Personally have been vaping it since it came out, without issue.. That being said, as a long time vaper, I also the the quality, performance, reliability that comes from Innokin stuff. Anything/everything I’ve had could/would still go strong to this day… Their tanks used to be some of my favorites & would last forever. The reason I’m even mentioning them when speaking about iStick…. is because I recently saw the MVP-3-PRO & cant freakin’ wait. AM hoping to find one of the gold ones in stock.. & hope they are a reasonable price. Considering they use LiPo, not a random 18650 wired in… that it’ll have 4500mAh (supposedly more efficient, so will be much longer lasting) gold spring loaded 510, all the features it brings with it…. external charging (never used on other MVP’s but ‘eh.. never know) REAL usb charging AND passthru capabilities & most of all….. STEP DOWN. Most of the other higher wattage type devices, when firiing low ohm coils may say…. 3v…. 3.2v… but really, they cannot regulate down enough… to provide power any lower than whatever the current charge of your battery is. Soooo, IF fully charged, I’ve noticed the vape is identically HOT whether it’s set to & says 3 volts… or whether it says, 3.8v…. Esp when using a 0.2 ohm coil, that’d be 45 watts if it “were” really 3v… Instead, you’re getting 72.2 watts/3.8v.. Yeesh (cough cough) BIG difference, imho. Step down, unfortunately, isn’t often mentioned in reviews of devices on Y/T or even in product description.. Can tell from Pbusardo’s videos when he does all the charts…. (but usually have a device by then) & sometimes in product description, can tell if it says something about power output… & doesn’t say 4-50w or 4-8v… If it has step-down, will usually say min is 1 or 2v output, not 4…. (not that those haven’t been inaccurate either tho.) Anyhoooo… looking forward to the MVP-3-pro with its iSub-G… as well as all the upcoming eLeaf products too!! Lots of stuff out there… way more than there was a few years ago.. Can’t even keep up with it all anymore. LOL LIVE LONG(er) & VAPE ON! =)

  6. Rob Stroul Avatar
    Rob Stroul

    I am the G.M. at We sell all of the current iSticks (10, 20, 30 and 50w). Certainly everyone has their favorite devices. But there is no denying the popularity of these guys! As far as reliability, complaints and returns…I’ve had no issues from customers. The only comments are…the “red” isn’t, and folks looking for the “next” thing, that 50W is the max for now. Those looking to couple the (fantastic) Arctic Sub Ohm tank, with a mod that can take it to the max (80 or 100W). Eleaf offering a 75W and 100W would do that.
    Let’s hope the quality, reliability, and USB charging will be built in. If so…WINNER!

  7. Ronnie Kollock Jr Avatar
    Ronnie Kollock Jr

    It would be dope if it’s came with temp control on a 100w

    1. Alex Clark Avatar
      Alex Clark

      The istick 40w was recently released and temp control is included

    2. Timothy Avatar

      Ronnie I’m sure are the eleaf 100w tc is now on sale

  8. Dwight Charleston Avatar
    Dwight Charleston

    I can’t wait, currently using I Stick 50 with Aspire Atlantis 2 with .5 ohm coils. I would like to use the .3 ohm coils, but they require 70-80 watts and the 50 won’t do that. I’ll take one I Stick 150 please… maybe they will include temp control also with a DNA chip. Seems to be the way the vape world is going.

  9. sean hodges Avatar

    In have owned the 20 30 and the 50 watt and all are still going to this day with out issue. The million dollar questions is what is the size going to be and will they have temp control. Either way I will be buying one or all three when they hit the stores.

    1. Alex Clark Avatar
      Alex Clark

      The size seems slightly bulkier than the 50w but still very small and compact judging by the video reviews that are out on YouTube now

  10. Amanda Avatar

    …… commented above about loving the iStick50w thus far, & about anticipating the upcoming (at the time) MVP-pro. Am kinda glad I hadn’t ordered one yet. I mean, maaaan, have ya seen that Joyetech EVIC-VT, esp. in that glorious white?? It’s like holy amazeballs, Batman! If only we all didn’t feel some need to keep on buying more & more vape gear (I’d swear my bank account curses me out daily.. we won’t even discuss e-liquids, phew.. WAYYYYY too many to count… OR admit to!) Thing is, the EVIC-VT (for SO many reasons) could very well be that ideal “one & done” type device for a vaper of ANY level, imho! (one & done…. Ego-one, that is! =P har har. sry, was really bad!) Non fiddly internal 5000mAh battery… >60w with super low firing minimum. Speaking of, has option for temp control when/if someone wants to try it.. huge, easy to read screen, easy to adjust settings/menu.. good looks & included silicone cover for added grip, less dropsies.. USB charging w/ passthru, spring loaded 510… Not to mention included Ego-one mega.. 4ml, easier to see/redesigned juice window/level, easier/wider fill area…. Then, ability to use regular sub-ohm 0.5 or 1ohm Ego-one coils, the incl. TC Ni, or Ti coils… Delta-II coils, OR.. ego-ONE CLR 5pk of RBA deck(S)/coil(S) with adj juice feed in ’em too… Idk about anyone else, but considering the 2+ yr old Evic still retails most places for >$100, let alone the Evic-supreme (both =device alone/no clearo either) At the price most places are selling the new Joyetech EVIC-VT full kit for… which has been like $62-79 so far.. & in-stock too… (tho saw a supposed China deal site we all know well, that shall remain nameless.. asking some craaaazy $129= on PRE-order too, pffft.. good luck selling those… lol) seems like a total winner, no brainer, imho. I know I’m sold already.. =) (sigh… till the next thing.. & the next… & the.. Damn this vaping!! LOL =P) ~ Live long(ER) & vape on!

  11. Mapache Coatimundi Avatar
    Mapache Coatimundi

    Whether Eleaf is planning to introduce the rumored products or not, statements from iSmoka are not credible. They have been selling lots of GS Air M tanks for the past few months, yet continue to deny that these exist. Strange way for a firm to behave.

    1. tashia Avatar

      I agree mapache thats really weird

  12. VapingGramps Avatar

    There is a video on Youtube a week old, with an actual 100W that looks just like the one above. TC 40W should be in vendor’s hands any day now yet iSmoka says they don’t make a 40W or a temp control but it’s on their website. I am curious if the batteries are removable see the door on the side of the unit. That seems to be the new thing – jack up the price but not give you batteries. Take a $70 unit that needs 2 batteries and the cost ends up around $100. Granted a unit without batteries internally can ship from China based vendors easier (no surface shipping) but cut the price back if you don’t include the battery(ies).

  13. plasmazombie Avatar

    The Newest innovation from Eleaf———–Istick 100W
    Model: eleaf istick 100w
    Size: 23.0mm * 32.5 mm * 77.0mm
    Color: stainless, black, red, blue
    Wattage: 5w-100w
    Battery: two 18650 ( Removable Battery)
    Feature: delivers serious flavour and vapour
    Recommended clearomizer: kanger subtank series clearomizer,aspire atlantis series tank,eleaf lemo series tank,etc

    Standard Configuration
    1 x iStick 100W Battery Body(Without cell)
    1 x iStick 100W Battery Cover
    1 x eGo Threading Connector
    1 x USB Cable
    1 x User Manual

    iStick 100W will give you a powerful vaping experience.
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  14. Jess Avatar

    They are on preorder at right now for $39 shipping included. Supposed to be around the 11th of august when released. Sorry guys no temp control

  15. Vapetallica Avatar

    Let me get this out of the way…and then I’ll comment about the isticks.

    First, I’m a cheapy vaper. ICTElixir or Baker Vapor e-liquid most of the time (a few 30 bucks for 30ml companies once in a blue moon…), and I don’t rebuild. Well, not often anyway. dripping is great and all that but it’s inconvenient to juice up your coils every five or so hits at 80w. I am also blind, which kinda limits me in builds. I do 4mm coils with 22g Kanthal and shove cotton in them. Haven’t tried an RTA since I’m assuming the deck’s so small it’ll be impossible to properly assess coil placement and make adjustments for wicking and the like. I mostly use a Smok VCT Pro/Freemax Starre at 60+watts with 3mg nic, and a Nautilus with 24mg when I’m out and about. It’s to the point now we can get a tank with replaceable coilheads, the experienced may rebuild them and rest of us can buy 10 packs and not worry about it, whilst getting an excellent and fulfilling vape.

    I dislike the idea of temp control for two reasons:
    1. I wouldn’t be able to switch modes if the menu structure in the device is complicated. Normally, I adjust to taste because there’s just up and down wattage buttons, and it can’t be simpler than that. Note: the iStick 40 seems easy enough; that’s probably a good device to mess with temp control and move up from there.
    2. All this drama about Nickel and Titanium… Meh. Give me temp control on Kanthal or stainless steel resistance wire, and I would be excited. Apparently, Innokin’s working on something to do just that. It’ll be interesting for sure. Innokin is cool. Still rock their Clk battery on a Nautilus once in a while.

    So, the iStick 100 is coming out. I’ve got every iStick accept the 10w, and am generally happy with them. The 50w seems to be skiddish with the button. Fire, then not fire while you’re hitting the button. Cute. Other than that, I’ve got three and they’re all working after a few months of outdoor abuse. The price is right, and it reads a bit high apparently. I’d rather have a mod read high than low. You can always decrease wattage, but if you’re maxed out and it sucks, that’s no fun.

    The iStick 40w. My girlfriend has one, and it’s a nice bit of kit. Seems to be DC/DC all the way through, but I obviously don’t have numbers on it since there’s no talking volt meters. I did the rattlesnake test, and it’s solid at 5watts. Also, the mod doesn’t click or buzz like the 30 or 50 do when in PWM. She hasn’t used temp control yet.

    Could see a use for an iStick 75, but seems like a better deal to grab the 100 or 150 if/when that’s released.

    This 100w sounds like a beast. Dual batteries. If in series I hope it’s balanced charging, or that’ll put an end to the party pretty quick. No temp control, no biggy for me. Also a 150 would be sick. Eyeing up a Sig 150 and IPV3 but haven’t made the leap yet. Waiting for China to come out with a version 77 of whatever the current minute’s vape product is LOL.

    Does anyone know if the battery tray is a set of screw caps (a la IPV Mini), or something else? Will probably use an external charger.

    Sidebar: would be one heck of a pairing. The Smok TFV4 and iStick 150. Fog justice!
    Sorry for the ranty rambly post. Have a good one.
    Vape on all! 🙂

  16. Kåre K Avatar
    Kåre K

    I’m thinking very hard about the iStick 100w – But I’m running on a very low vape budget and can’t afford to make a poor decision and regret it in a month.
    If I get it I’ll be running the 100w with a Subtank Mini tank and a Derringer I’ve just started building coils for.

    Is there another high wattage box I should be considering for 30-60$(ish) as opposed to the iStick 100w?

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