If you’re new to electronic cigarette and are unfamiliar with the normal going prices of todays electronic cigarette market, don’t worry… we’ve got you covered.  We’ll be doing some research and getting to the source, finding out just how much money it takes to start vaping and also the difference in cost between smoking versus vaping.

Premium Tobacco Cigarettes Cost: (I believe as of 2011)

51. West Virginia: $4.74 50. Louisiana: $4.82 49. North Dakota: $4.91 48. Kentucky: $4.97 47. Idaho: $4.99 46. California: $5.19 45. Alabama: $5.27 44. Georgia: $5.29 43. South Carolina: $5.42 41-42. Indiana, Wyoming: $5.50 40. North Carolina: $5.51 38-39. Nebraska, Virginia: $5.55 37. Tennessee: $5.56 36.Missouri: $5.58 35. Oregon: $5.59 34. Mississippi: $5.75 33. New Hampshire: $5.87 32. Nevada: $5.95 30-31. Arkansas, Colorado: $5.96 29. Montana: $5.99 26-28. Delaware, Iowa, Kansas: $6.00 25. South Dakota: $6.03 24. Texas: $6.07 23. Florida: $6.08 22. Oklahoma: $6.19 21. Ohio: $6.22 20. Minnesota: $6.53 19. Maryland: $6.70 18. Pennsylvania: $6.80 17. Arizona: $6.87 16. New Mexico: $6.88 15.Michigan: $6.90 14. Utah: $7.22 13. Maine: $7.97 12. Washington, D.C.: $7.99 11. Wisconsin: $8.11 10.Vermont: $8.23 9. Connecticut: $8.25 8. Massachusetts: $8.30 7. New Jersey: $8.35 6. Rhode Island: $8.60 5. Alaska: $9.14 4. Illinois: $9.67 3. Hawaii: $9.73 2. Washington: $9.89 1. New York: $11.90

Source: https://guidetovaping.com/2011/11/10-reasons-to-put-down-the-cigarette-and-give-vaping-a-try/

Obviously the cost of a pack of premium cigarettes varies from state to state, but for this article we’ll just use my state of Alabama, which costs about $5.27 per pack. Let’s use this amount in the following figures.

  • $5.27 + 1 pack per day = $36.89 per week, $158.10 per month, $1923.55 per year
  • $5.27 + 2 packs per day = $73.78 per week, $316.20 per month, $3847.10 per year

Now that we know the cost of tobacco cigarettes, let’s lay down the cost of vaping with its different types and setups.

Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits: 1 Time Purchase

  • Smoov 65mm Starter Kit: $69.99 (JuicyVapor)
  • Joyetech eGo Starter Kit: $74.99 (TexasSelectVapor)
  • Silver Bullet Starter Kit: $129.82 (AltSmoke)
  • LavaTube Starter Kit: $99.99 (VolcanoEcigs)

Atomizer Pricing: Atomizers aren’t meant to last forever. Usually an atomizer will last between 2 weeks to a month with proper maintenance. For the following figure, we’ll go with the minimum of 2 weeks per atomizer.

  • 510 Standard Atomizer: $5.45 (iVape) – $130.80 per year
  • Bauway 1.7ohm 510 Atomizer: $6.49 (CarolinaVapes) – $155.76 per year
  • Joye 510 Standard Atomizer: $6.25 (ElectronicStix) – $150.00

E-Liquid Pricing: The amount of e-liquid you use varies from person to person. For this figure, we’ll just say 2ml’s per day, which is probably what a new vaper will be at..

  • 30ml: $16.96 (VermillionRiver) – $407.04 per year – 24 30ml’s
  • 30ml: $22.95 (PinkSpotVapors) – $550.80 per year – 24 30ml’s
  • 30ml: $15.00 (HighbrowVapor) – $$360.00 per year – 24 30ml’s

For example, we’ll take the highest cost displayed in each category and figure the yearly cost.

Silver Bullet: $129.82

Atomizers (Yearly): 155.76

E-Liquid (Yearly): $550.80

Total: $836.38 (For the first year)

Total Continuance: $706.56 (For the following year)

Now let’s compare tobacco cigarettes versus electronic cigarettes and your savings.

  • (1 pack a day) $1923.55 versus (Electronic Cigarette first year cost) $836.38 – Savings: $1087.17
  • (2 pack a day) $3847.10 versus (Electronic Cigarette first year cost) $836.38 – Savings: $3010.72
  • (1 pack a day) $1923.55 versus (Electronic Cigarette following year) $706.56 – Savings: $1216.99
  • (2 pack a day) $3847.10 versus (Electronic Cigarette following year) $706.56 – Savings: $3140.54

Note: Electronic Cigarettes, Atomizers and E-Liquid pricing varies from site to site. The sites and the prices I chose were not picked for any reason, only for example.


  1. I’m an on/off vaper, and I’ve only had 3 attys break on me. 2 through use and 1 through a botched clean. I don’t clean them, and I certainly put them through hell (I like to take a long drag) but then I buy good attys. I won’t mention names because I don’t want to be seen advertising, but their logo is a devil.

  2. you didn’t mention batteries, as most people with an SB will have a second set and Lithium Ion Batteries do age and eventually fail. Also, my observation has been that as people find their flavors, they will cut down the nic level but vape more and use more liquid.
    However, even if you were to double the cost of vaping, it would still be less expensive than sticking the burning leaves in your mouth.

    • Good points Pleidius, but I was trying to keep the figures as minimal as possible. And for your last line, I agree. Either way, vaping is significantly cheaper than smoking cigarettes. This article, more so of a rough estimate for comparison.

  3. I love vaping – I initially used my electronic cigarette to help me to stop smoking which I did 5 month ago. Now I just vape casually using no nicotine e liquid as I enjoy the flavours and especially the throat hit.

    • Do u think by e ciggin..I will b able t stop smoking after smoking a pack a day for 37yrs??The longest I was without nicotine straight within these yrs is 10 days. I need t quit..Have mega respitory diseases..will e cigs REALLLY help me quit?? Ive tried EVERYTHING but this.

      • Yes, of course. There are plenty of people that were smoking their whole life and were able to stop by switching to electronic cigarettes. If there is anything in this world that will help you quit smoking tobacco cigarettes, it’s electronic cigarettes. This industry has grown so quickly simply because it works! Be sure to read up as much as possible here at Guide To Vaping… as I’ve experienced it and researched it myself, I’ve noted it in this blog.