While at the Atlanta Vape Meet, I seen a stack full of “COV” e-liquids, all in its own zip-lock bags with the label displaying the e-liquid name. My wife and I wanted to experience something new and something we wouldn’t usually order. We’re vapers who love fruity, candy and beverage type vapes and if you ever talk to us, we’ll most likely will be vaping that. Other than getting the e-liquids sent to us for review, we rarely venture off to other flavors.  We decided to try Vanilla Cream from Clouds of Vapor.

Now I have heard some talk of this flavor in the past, but never paid much attention to it. Describing this e-liquid to you will be very easy for me as the flavor resembles something from my childhood and I’m sure many of you will remember this flavor also. Back when I was younger, I remembered when my grandma would make a vanilla cake, I would always stick my finger into the mix before it went into the oven, lick my fingers and tasting that creamy vanilla taste. Used to, I could tons of that unbaked mix and once my grandma poured the mix into her pans, the huge bowl would always have some that was left. I think I also remember every time I ate it, my grandma would tell me that I was going to get salmonella. Anyhow, the taste was great and once I took my first pull from this Vanilla Cream e-liquid, it gave me that exact taste and a great remembrance to follow.  Very nice tasting e-liquid.

Edit: The flavor isn’t so great at high voltage. I was vaping it earlier at around 4.5v, then decided to see how it would taste at 6v and the heat destroyed the tasty flavor it had. In my opinion this juice is great at about 3.7v to 4.5v.

Earlier I was thinking of what I would write down on here to best describe the taste, because many people aren’t really dipping fingers in unbaked cake mix these days. (lol) – I was going to tell you it tastes like a milk shake, but decided not to. It does have that vanilla taste, but not so much of the shake. It’s got more of a much thicker taste, like a thick cream. The vapor production is decent. The label indicated no PG/VG mixture, but the liquid looks pretty thin with a slight yellow tint. There is no throat hit, and I’m glad there isn’t. Not sure really how I would like it if it had a throat hit.

Overall: This e-liquid put me back into a remembrance of my younger days and gave me that nice creamy vanilla taste that I used to know. The Vanilla Cream from Clouds of Vapor tastes delicious and I urge you to try it. If you’re interested in trying some Vanilla Cream, please visit www.CloudsOfVapor.com