A rather interesting picture created by the FDA has surfaced on Facebook and has sparked a huge response from the vaping community.

Just two days ago (March 18th, 2015) the FDA updated its status on Facebook with an interesting picture that displayed “If nobody smoked, we could prevent 480,000 deaths in the U.S. per year” below an image of a patient being wheeled off in a hospital bed by two nurses.  What’s interesting about this picture is that the FDA posted such truth, yet their proposed regulations would lead millions of vapers back to smoking traditional cigarettes.

fda prevent deaths image

What’s even more shocking are the words that the FDA shared in its status update:

5.6 million children alive today in the US will die early from smoking unless we take steps to stop the #tobacco epidemic. Find out what we’re doing to reduce the impact of tobacco use in America. #KickButtsDay  Learn more about our Public Education Campaigns here: (link not available)

It’s as if the FDA is completely ignoring what has become the largest harm reduction tool this world has ever come to know, they’re turning a blind eye to the millions of lives that electronic cigarettes have saved and even leading smokers to a path that obviously hasn’t worked for years upon years.  It’s almost as if the FDA has become blind to the benefits these devices have served and do not care how the public feels.  Could these hazy eyes the FDA has be a result of them not benefiting from the sell of electronic cigarettes?  Do we really need time to ponder the question?

The vaping community is strong, and as you all know, we make our voice heard in every possible way.  With that said, the picture sparked a huge response from the vaping community, where almost 7,000 comments were made with the hashtag #vapingsavedmylife, more than 2,000 Facebook shares, and a massive amount of Likes for each comment.  We here at GuideToVaping.com feel that this moment, this attention and these comments should be preserved; they’re heartfelt and passionate to what these people truly believe.  The comments are made to cause irony, yet an outcry for an industry that has received so many struggles, but continues to progress in the name of the people, despite the Food and Drug Administration’s greed and morals.

Update: I’ve watched the comments throughout the whole night and they continue to come in.  It’s amazing what’s happening.  Even if it is just Facebook or a single status post, we’ve come together as a community… and that’s huge.

Vaping community, join us as we wipe away the haze over the FDA’s eye, stand arm and arm as we become visible, and hashtag #vapingsavedmylife to draw attention to our ongoing cause of life.

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  1. They are not avoiding the fact that It’s less harmful, It’s the Smoking subject in General. The FDA is not going to promote or endorse a product that still carries addictive substances such as nicotine. Im not saying that it’s bad to use E-cigs of any kind, if you have switched to them in replacement to regular cigarettes.. then good for you. You have taken to first step toward bettering yourself and your health. BUT, you are still Addicted to a substance that is an Optional Life choice (Nicotine).
    Yes, If teenagers smoked e-cigs it would not be that bad. But, you know what CAN happen if a teen is introduced to an E-cig? They will become addicted to NOCOTINE in return they may or COULD switch to Real Cigarettes. Therefore creating a negative cycle. E Cigs and Vape IS a POSITIVE CHOICE but still doesn’t fix addiction. I was a smoker BTW for over 5 years and I Quit Completely, Healthier or not there are other things you could waste money one!

    • A lot of vapers have weaned off nicotine! I smoked for 15 years, tried many times to quit, tried many different quitting aides. For me it’s not the nicotine, it’s the ritual. Smokers know this struggle! I haven’t smoke in a year and am no longer addicted to nicotine! #vapingsavedmylife

    • Yet, they continue to let tobacco cigarettes available to the public? It isn’t about smoking, in fact, they couldn’t care less. It’s all about the money. Even though they know people have died and continue to die from tobacco cigarettes, they continue to let it be sold. But why? Again because they’re making money from it. However, with electronic cigarettes, they’re currently not making money from them, so they’ll continue to ignore it, until they do.

    • Aside from your egotistical comments, (you call yourself “truth”….I rest my case) good for you that you put cigarettes down completely, but its not that easy for many. And as much as you may hate it, your lifestyle shouldn’t be projected on the masses as the rule.
      The vaping community’s stance is that this is harm reduction in its truest form for people that are dying or will die from harmful tobacco, and its being ignored for political and monetary reasons which is just criminal. This industry shouldn’t be responsible for children picking up vapor devices. That’s a parenting issue. If that’s your stance, its a stretch. Many of these children would pick up a tobacco cigarettes if e-cigs weren’t around and if he picks up a ecig because he likes bubble gum, he has bigger issues than liking bubble gum. The FDA is out of its jurisdiction to group vapor products as a tobacco product because it “can” contain nicotine. If that were the case, they would have to group tomatoes and other ground grown crops because they too contain nicotine. Nicotine is a stimulant just as caffeine is, not a drug as you were taught in school. It even has health benefits as well. http://themindunleashed.org/2014/10/nicotine-are-we-wrong.html
      Nicotine is not the problem. The delivery device (until now) in which we have gotten our nicotine is the problem; the combustible cigarette that contains tar, carbon monoxide, pesticides, carcinogens, and 4000 other known harmful chemicals. The ironic thing is that the very same people that are against this product are the anti smoking activists. People that jump on the band wagon for any cause because it empowers their empty lives. They should hail and embrace this product. It gets people off of harmful cigarettes and they don’t have to worry about second hand smoke. Isn’t that what they wanted? I think not. I think these are the people that need to point at smokers and feel better about themselves. You people may very well win this “crusade”. If you do, then you will see a black market emerge as well as millions of people going back to cigarettes and then that will satisfy the mortality balance once again and Big Pharma, Big Tobacco, insurance companies, Obama care, the convenience store association, and all the other entities that will start making a profit again and people like you will be back to pointing your fingers.

    • Nicotine is NOT the problem with cigarettes. It’s the multitude of addictive additives!!! <– Seriously,look into that! Many people can swiftly and easily wean themselves off of Nicotine with ecigs. My mother, who smoked most of her adult life ACCIDENTALLY quit smoking cigarettes when she discovered ecigs. She was able to come off of all of her blood pressure medicine because she'd quit smoking and started vaping. She has since helped multiple people quit smoking with ecigs. I smoked heavily for many years. Since I've quit, every now and then I become stressed and vape with nicotine frquently for weeks on end… When I am feeling less stressed, I put down the ecigs cold turkey and NEVER EXPERIENCE A SINGLE WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOM and have heard the same experience from others. Vaping is helping people get well… There are obvious agendas to keep us unwell – (because sick people are good for the economy) – while maintaining the FDA's reputation as a caring entity.

  2. I know one of the most consistent comments have been; how can vaping be better than smoking if you’re still addicted to nicotine? Nicotine is bad! …any addicting substance is bad. However, if we went about life not consuming “anything that’s bad for us” we would live in utopia! And we would all be jobless!!! Nicotine is bad? Maybe, but so is caffeine! We should stop selling coffee, red bulls, sodas!!! Nicotine is a stimulant, same as caffeine, isn’t it? Yet, the FDA does nothing to prevent underage kids from walking into a coffee shop and ordering a double espresso!!! Nor do they do anything to keep liquor store establishments like 7/11’s in every school corner. …moreover, we have debar States in which smoking pot is legal! I don’t get it!? …I guess it’s easier to look the other way. I’ve been smoke free for 3 years and I’m grateful I found an alternative that works and works for me. I don’t drink much coffee, I don’t during or use drugs, I VAPE and #vapingchangedmylife

  3. I WAS a 43 year cigarette smoker. I’m a 55 year old man.

    Thanks to vaping, I haven’t lit up once in over 6 months! I tried everything to quit to no avail. Chantix (which is FDA approved) made me have nightmares of murdering my own mother, cubing her corpse and eating her. I woke up unable to catch my breath.
    I started vaping at 24mg of nicotine and now I’m down to only 6mg and I feel better, can walk further, and have regained my sense of taste. Don’t clump vaping in with tobacco products! Don’t tax us because we found a solution to the habit of cigarettes! I do believe that there should be packaging that is child proof. We have a right to NOT be addicted to tobacco products. Big tobacco just wants to keep up their profits! Let us be free of the tobacco cycle!

  4. I was a pack + per day smoker… for 30 years. I was boarderline COPD, asthmatic, 43% lung function @ 45 !! I tried everything patch, chantex which is fda approved and, I had awful vivid scary dreams. made me wanna cut my own throat. so, i was back smoking. its such a hard habit to break more than anything its the psychological aspect of smoking that made it so, difficult for me. Then my son, who was also a smoker came to my house with a mechanical mod. I was against it just because it seemed like more work than lighting up. Then I got myself a small pen. style tank. within a week of vaping on 18 mg. I was not smoking cigarettes and was down to 12 mg on the small tank. about a month after that I got me a mechanical mod and a drip tank. i was now @ a 6mg nicotine. in about 2 mo I had gone from a pack + per day cigarettes, to not having smoked and reduced the amount of nicotine intake to a 6. WOW.. life changing I had a appt with my lung dr. i left there with more hope than i had ever had.. I had 60% lung function, and was able to breathe. able to run. and taste everything .. March 13 2015 I was 1 year smoke FREE.. I have 97% of my lung function back and am listed as a non smoker in my med chart. I have no need for my oxygen that i was using at night it has gone on to help some other soul. I am so, very thankful to be able to vape I am still using my mod. I am vaping @ a 0 mg sometimes i will vape a 3 just for kicks. but, I am alive and well and have regained my life. all of my boys have switched to vaping. a lot of my friends have now switched to vaping. Please don’t take this life changing product from me or my fellow vapers. VAPE ON>>

  5. So when we completely dump the nicotine as I did I use 0 Nicotine in my vape gear and only vaping flavored oils for most part, please explain how this is more dangerous than someone using an inhaler. It has become a hobby so what now a hobby is dangerous FDA just needs to be disbarred.. Big government if they cant regulate it they want to ban it… What if we want to ban you FDA and EPA