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From Vaping To Gummies, We Explore 3 Popular CBD Delivery Methods

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While we relate better to the vaping aspect, there are many delivery methods when it comes to CBD. Though dosing CBD through a vaporizer or simply vaping a CBD e-liquid offers more familiarity to those of us who vape, there are several methods to choose from for people who enjoy the extraordinary benefits that only Cannabidiol is able to offer. If there’s one thing that is relatable between both vaping and CBD, it has to be reasoning behind each one. We used vaping as an alternative to traditional cigarettes in an effort to reduce harm, and CBD is yet another way we can reduce harm by avoiding pharmaceuticals and utilizing the benefits of a natural plant. Now that you understand the relation between the two, let’s explore the 3 most popular CBD delivery methods.

1. CBD E-Liquid

CBDfx Fruity CerealSimilar to the nicotine e-liquid we use with our vaporizers, CBD e-liquid is also meant to be vaporized. Ultimately, it’s a normal e-liquid, with the difference being it’s infused with CBD instead of nicotine. Also known as CBD vape juice or CBD vape oil, CBD e-liquid is one of the more popular delivery methods when using CBD due to the convenience and abundant amount of flavor options. Like nicotine e-liquid, CBD e-liquid is available in a variety of strengths, depending on the brand. While the effects vary from person to person, the effects will become stronger as you increase the strength of CBD. When vaping nicotine e-liquid, users often have a goal to reduce their nicotine intake over time, but it’s the complete opposite when vaping CBD. Users will actually work their way up to higher CBD strengths over time, rather than working their way down. The flavors offered with CBD e-liquid is one of the many perks that attract people to vaping CBD. Although CBD extracts often come in a raw state to deliver its natural taste, there are many people that prefer to vape CBD with flavor additives, rather than consuming its natural and earthy taste.

2. CBD Gummies

CBDfx GummiesThere are many methods of CBD delivery that people enjoy, but CBD Gummies is growing in popularity due to the convenience and fascinating flavors that are offered with them, very similar to why people enjoy CBD e-liquid. There’s simply nothing more satisfying than squishy, chewy, gooey candies that are packed with tons of delicious flavor to satisfy even the hardest to please sweet tooth. CBD Gummies are edibles that come in a variety of different flavors, dosages, and shapes that make them a fun and convenient way to consume the natural benefits of CBD. Today, people are looking for even more ways to gain better health and wellness, and the popularity of organic items, such as CBD Gummies are growing immensely. Not only are the gummies easy to use, but they are long lasting due to the slow pace of your digestive system, and many gummies are made from CBD isolate, meaning there’s absolutely no THC and drug screening isn’t an issue. Add in the fact that CBD gummies are easy to dose, come in a variety of low strengths, and deliver an extraordinary taste, and there’s no wonder why it’s one of the most popular choices of CBD. If you want to find the best CBD gummies, CBDfx has a nice variety to choose from.

3. CBD Tinctures

CBDfx CBD OilIt’s not only one of the most preferred methods but is also one of the industry’s traditional methods of dosing CBD. A CBD Tincture is simply an alcohol-based CBD Oil and an easy way to dose CBD. CBD Tinctures often promote the natural and earthy taste, providing its unique flavor, while there are others that come equipped with delicious notes of flavor, often flavors that are sweet. There are some manufacturers that offer tinctures that combine both CBD Oil and other additives, such as MCT Oil which is added because it’s not only safe to consume, but it’s also a nutrient-rich saturated fatty acid that can be found in coconut oil and delivers several healing properties. There are many benefits that come along with a CBD tincture, like taking advantage of a full spectrum CBD, where your body can take in the full healing powers that cannabis is known for. Available in a variety of strengths, from 250mg and even upwards of 2000mg. CBD Tinctures are an excellent method to use CBD and remains to be one of the most popular.


Whichever method of CBD delivery you choose, whether it be the best cbd gummies or tinctures, taking in the amazing benefits of Cannabidiol is an extraordinary step in the right direction. No matter how you feel about the negative stigma that revolves around CBD due to the nature of the cannabis plant, the positive impact of healing powers far outweigh the publics demonizing view. Search around for the best cbd gummies, tinctures and e-liquids, and you may just fall in love with its incredible capabilities.

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