When vaping, do you get that bad, no good, horrible taste? Well, if you do then you’re not alone, trust me.  When I first started vaping I was using the standard cartridge with my atomizer and everything was fine, at first.  As time went on I started getting this bad taste when vaping.  After talking with a few other vapers I found out that the problem was my cartridge, so I changed to a new cartridge.  After changing cartridges I still had the same problem, a horrible taste.  I decided to ask around and do some research about this problem.  Below I will tell you the problem and the fix to what I’ve found out…

With a cartridge there is a wool type filter inside of the cartridge as you’ve probably seen from looking inside of it.  Sometimes those small fibers get loose and fall down into the atomizer and then the atomizer burns that fiber which is causing you a horrible taste.

With your atomizer sometimes the wick gets burnt and then produces a horrible taste.  How this happens is when your cartridge gets clogged up and doesn’t release liquid down to the atomizer, the atomizer runs dry and then burns the wick inside.  Another way that this burning of the wick could happen is if you vape electronic cigarette dry.  Remember to always keep liquid in it so that you don’t burn the wick and get this horrible taste.

My suggestion and what I did to fix this was purchased a new atomizer and a drip tip.  Be sure to read my post on drip tips and don’t forget, keep liquid in your atomizer!

I hope this helps guys/girls and good luck on your journey.


  1. OR you can buy a new wick. its ussually the wick that burns out. theres tons of youtube videos that show you how to put a new wick in. Or at the hardware store buyu it for like a dollar in the lamp section… lol they even sell it at walmart.

  2. I have been vaping for 4 or 5 yrs and I just bought an aspire spryte. When I opened the box I got in mail from a reliable company ive bought from for a while the battery smelled like chemical almost like it does if you bust a battery which ive did before and it made a horrible smell and got hot and burned up because I dropped it on cement. It is freaking me out but the device works fine and also I cant taste the juice at all. I told the company it was like that when I recieved it and they came up with explanations for it saying its not a battery acid smell because they use lithium batteries even though it smells like a busted battery and I dont want to be smoking whatever is coming from it and it will not go away. They will not exchange it and said all the sprytes have a smell to them like that. I have never smelled that before on a new battery only on a busted one. Should I be worried? It works fine but is a bit worrisome? It smells like a chemical smell like the battery is busted.