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Sandy Tips…

This morning me, my wife and kids woke up early so that we could get an early start on the hour and a half drive to the beach.  We had a great, safe drive and of course it went smooth knowing my wife was constantly dripping into my atomizer.  VapeMart cherry limeade is soo yum.  Anyhow, after...

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Hot Vapes Glass Drip Tip

As many of you may know, HotVapes.com has quite the selection of electronic cigarettes, e-liquid and accessories. With the vast amount of products they have, the ones that they personally have manufactured are the one’s that really catch my eye. They’re known for the big battery mods...

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Aluminum Drip Shield

Today I was expecting a package of #VapeMail to come in from GoodEjuice.com and to my surprise, they added a nice little product that I didn’t know would be included, an aluminum drip shield. The drip shield is a semi-gloss black color and looks almost identical to the most ‘must...


Horrible Taste From Atomizer

When vaping, do you get that bad, no good, horrible taste? Well, if you do then you’re not alone, trust me.  When I first started vaping I was using the standard cartridge with my atomizer and everything was fine, at first.  As time went on I started getting this bad taste when vaping.  After...



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Innokin Podin