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How To Store CBD Products

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Quality of CBD products, as is the case with other items you rub, smoke, or ingest, solely depends on how well you store them. If properly stored, the potency of CBD products will remain consistent throughout the usage cycle because the active plant compounds don’t get destroyed. However, you have to bear in mind that CBD products also come with an expiration date, meaning you must use them well within the specified period even if you store them properly. 

Knowing that CBD products don’t come cheap and that finding high-quality ones can be challenging, proper storage isn’t something you want to overlook. If you want to get the most out of the CBD products you’ve bought from among other sources, look no further. Below is an exhaustive guide on how to store CBD products.  

What Is The Average Shelf Life Of CBD Products 

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Before finding out more about how to store CBD products, you must be aware of their average shelf life. High-quality CBD products should last six months to one year after opening when stored in the right conditions. This is because degradation of the active ingredients starts right after you open the container of your CBD products. 

With this in mind, you should pace your consumption of CBD products after opening to get the most out of the active ingredients. Otherwise, you’ll be forced to use greater quantities of CBD products to enjoy the same effects. If you aren’t done using your CBD products within this period, you’ll start to see signs that indicate it’s time to stop using them. They include the following: 

  • The CBD products become darker due to the disappearance of cannabinoids. 
  • Their smell changes.  
  • They lose their properties and start to taste bland or rancid. 
  • They appear thicker than normal, indicating a change in composition. 

But before opening, the shelf life of CBD products is much longer. They can last 14 to 24 months without going bad. If you’re a regular user of CBD products, you can confidently buy them in bulk, knowing that they won’t expire before you’re done using them. 

Nevertheless, it’s good to know the different factors that affect the shelf life of CBD products. They are as follows: 

  • Extraction process

Various techniques are used to extract cannabinoids and CBD from hemp, and the CO2 extraction method is considered the best because it doesn’t use dangerous solvents that may negatively affect the stability of hemp compounds. Moreover, the toxic residues are left at the bottom. 

  • Quality

CBD products of higher quality last longer because they’re more resistant to degradation when exposed to the same conditions compared with their lower-quality counterparts. This difference in quality stems from the quality of other ingredients besides CBD, such as flavorings and carrier oils, as well as the method used for extraction and manufacturing facilities. 

  • Packaging

Light speeds up the degradation of CBD products. Because of this, many CBD products are stored in darkened glass bottles to help extend the life of the cannabinoid inside. Therefore, the right packaging can better safeguard CBD from sunlight and air. 

  • Storage

How you store your CBD products directly affects their shelf life. If stored well in the right conditions and not exposed to light and heat, products should be able to last for a relatively long period without degrading. 

How To Store Your CBD Products 

After buying CBD products with your hard-earned money, you want them to last you for a prolonged period. The best way you can achieve this is by observing certain degrading factors that can cause the CBD to spoil prematurely. These factors are: 

  1. Light

The potency of CBD is greatly lowered once exposed to light, and it can be worse if it’s exposed to high-intensity UV rays. Because of this, you must never place your CBD products somewhere they’re exposed directly to sunlight or in its path. If left in sunlight, the cannabinoids will slowly deteriorate even if the CBD product is stored in dark glasses or containers. In the long run, the CBD’s potency will be significantly reduced, and in extreme cases, there’ll be no cannabinoid left altogether. 

Knowing this, you shouldn’t place the bottles containing CBD close to an open window or such a place to reduce the risk of exposing it to direct sunlight. Ideally, find a dark place where you can store your CBD products—the same thing you’d do with coconut oil, olive oil, and other cooking oils. 

  1. Air 

Another thing that causes the deterioration of CBD is exposure to air containing oxygen and other contaminants. As with light, exposing CBD to air can negatively affect its overall potency. This is why dependable CBD manufacturers use air-tight containers to store their products to prevent the hasty breakdown of cannabinoids. 

Because of this, you must never open a container of CBD if you don’t intend to use it immediately. It’s also advisable only to store the CBD in the original container and constantly check it if the cap is closed tightly to ensure there’s no room for contaminants or oxygen to pass through. 

  1. Temperature 

CBD products will last longer when stored in a cool environment because cannabinoids start to degrade due to high temperatures. Knowing this, you must always ensure your CBD products are stored at room temperature, ideally, at 23 °C. Anything over will slowly lead the CBD to lose the active ingredients that make it helpful. 

One of the ideal places with cool temperatures where you can store CBD products is a cabinet. If you live in an area where temperatures are normally high or can reach extreme levels in the summer, you can store your CBD products in a refrigerator. Freezing CBD products is a great long-term storage idea because it won’t destroy cannabinoids. 


After deciding to make CBD a part of your daily routine, the last thing you’d want is for your products to go bad due to poor storage. This is bound to happen if you aren’t careful because CBD slowly degrades over time. Luckily, you can prevent this by following the tips detailed in this guide. Storing CBD products doesn’t have to be complicated, but it shouldn’t be overlooked get to optimize the effectiveness and longevity of CBD products.

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