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Hyde Mag Review

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The Hyde Mag is the latest disposable vape innovation from renowned disposable vape manufacturer, Hyde Disposables. It features a unique look that mimics the style of the popular vape mod, the SMOK Mag. This “Mag” style uses an ergonomic outer shell that fits snugly in your right hand when you vape. However, since this is an automatic-draw disposable vape, it does not use the same firing button that the SMOK Mag uses. We sampled all 24 of the Hyde Mag Recharge disposable vape flavors in order to test for performance, battery life, and flavor profile.

Where Can I Find the Hyde Mag?

For vapers looking for the Hyde Mag disposable vape, you will be able to find in many vape stores around the country soon. Since the vast majority of disposable vapes are manufactured in China, there will most likely be supply constraints upon its release. The Hyde Mag was released in January 2022, and Chinese vape manufacturers halt production for a couple of weeks during the Chinese New Year celebration that takes place in early February. This will make them tough to come by in the first couple of months upon its release.

If you are a regular online vape buyer, there are multiple websites that have started to sell the Hyde Mag disposable vape line. You can find all of the Hyde Mag vape flavors at at low prices, which is where we were able to find them for the purposes of this review.

Business owners that have tobacco licenses that are interested in finding a Hyde Mag distributor for wholesale prices, can find the Hyde Mag flavors at many different vape distributors and tobacco wholesalers around the US. Vape shop owners on the East Coast probably will get the quickest shipping from DemandVape, a leading NY-based vape distributor. Store owners on the west coast that are looking for the Hyde Mag will probably get the fastest shipping with Mi-Pod Wholesale, a Phoenix-based vape distributor.

How Long Does the Hyde Mag Last?

The Hyde Mag vape device is marketed at a 4500 puff disposable vape. While most of the Hyde Mag vapes didn’t last the full 4500 puffs, they did last for 6-9 days on average. The enormous puff counts that are currently being marketed by vape manufacturers can often be a bit misleading because every vaper has a different puff. Some vapers take long, extended drags, while others take shorter puffs. 

The Hyde Mag uses a micro-USB charging cable (sold separately) in order to get every last drop of vape juice out of the disposable vape unit. This new, rechargeable feature on disposable vape devices is very helpful because it ensures that vapers can utilize all the e-Juice in the vape pen. Other disposable vape models will often have the battery die out before the e-Juice is all used. This is a common problem with large disposable vapes that do not have a rechargeable battery.

Hyde Mag Performance

The Hyde Mag has pretty similar specs to the Hyde N-Bar model. However, after testing out a couple of Hyde Mag disposables, we were quick to see that the performance is wildly different. The Hyde Mag had a weaker hit than the Hyde N-Bar. Our vape review team believes this is caused by either poor battery performance or airflow restrictions. While the hit on the Hyde Mag is not as powerful as we had hoped, the flavor profile on each vape is spectacular. Each flavor is spot-on with the device’s namesake.

If you are looking for fantastic vape flavors in a long-lasting disposable device, the Hyde Mag is a great option. However, if you require a looser airflow or prefer a harder-hitting disposable vape, you may want to try other devices.

Best Hyde Mags

After reviewing the full line of Hyde Mag vapes, a couple of flavors stood out from the rest of the pack. Hyde disposables, known for their great flavors, got great grades from our vape experts with the Mandarin Lime, Mango Peaches & Cream, Peach Lemon, and Rainbow Hyde Mag flavors. 


The Rainbow Hyde Mag has a candied fruit taste that mixes a bunch of different fruit flavors for a very sweet vape. It is hard to pinpoint the exact flavor profiles used in this one, however, you can definitely taste a little berry and citrus flavoring. Whatever flavors Hyde mixes together for this one, it turned out very well. If you don’t like sweet vapes, you may want to try another one of our top choices.

Mandarin Lime

The Mandarin Lime has a slightly deceiving name. Even though there is a definite lime kick to this one, it is primarily an orange fruit flavor. The Mandarin Lime provides a nice balance of sweet and sour. You taste a sweet orange taste on inhaling and a slight sour citrus taste on exhale. 

Mango Peaches & Cream

There are many creamy flavors available in the Hyde Mag line, but this one was the highest rated by our review team. The perfect mix of fruity flavors with the right amount of smooth cream. The peach tends to stand out a bit more than the mango in this flavor, but you can definitely taste both in every hit of your Hyde Mag.

Peach Lemon

A common theme with some of the top Hyde Mag flavors is that they maintain a nice balance of sour and sweet flavorings. This recipe for success is no different in the Peach Lemon Hyde. The fresh peach taste perfectly complements the sour lemon for a vape that is hard to dislike.

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