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Is Purchasing a Vaporizer to Inhale CBD worth the Money?

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People throughout the world have been vaping nicotine products to help quit smoking traditional cigarettes. Although it is still unknown what the long-term effect will have on those who vape on a regular basis, people who vape claim they feel much healthier in comparison to smoking tobacco. However, it’s not only nicotine juices that people vape.

Lots of people vape CBD e-liquid too, as they feel it is a convenient way to consume the compound. Although many people worry about getting high from consuming CBD, unlike THC, there is no psychoactive effect from the substance. Although people don’t get stoned from vaping CBD, it will deliver the medicinal and calming properties of cannabis.

If you are planning on investing in a vape pen designed to consume CBD, you might be wondering if the device is worth the cash. We have combined a few pros and cons when it comes to CBD vaping products.

Pros: Inhaling enters your Bloodstream Quicker

Vaping CBD has become extremely popular because people can feel the effects almost immediately. Once you inhale CBD vape oil you will notice the calming effect on your body in a short space of time. The benefits produced by CBD can start in a matter of seconds.

Once you vape CBD, it sends the compound directly to your lungs which is then absorbed into your bloodstream. Some people who eat THC inside edibles find it takes far too long to feel the effect as it has to go through the digestive system. Once it finally goes through the complex digestive system, the molecules are redistributed in the user’s body through their bloodstream. For those who need immediate relief from pain or those who use CBD to help them fall asleep, it is critical that the substance gets into their system sooner than later.

However, some people avoid vaping CBD because they feel the effects don’t tend to last very long. Although it tends to kick in a lot quicker once inhaled, the feeling is often short-lived.

Pros: It’s Convenient

The majority of CBD vape pens and vaporizers like this Lumi cloud pen are small in size which makes them easy to carry around. Most of these devices fit perfectly in a handbag or inside a person’s pocket. Most CBD bottles are sealed, and often have a child lock so kids are unable to open the oil. This makes it hard for the oil to spill while it is being stored.

Unlike smoking traditional cigarettes, vaping cannabidiol is a lot more discreet. It doesn’t give off the strong smell that cigarettes do. However, this doesn’t mean you can legally smoke indoors inside a business. Some restaurants and bars don’t allow vaping indoors. In fact, it is illegal to vape inside in many states and countries around the globe. Before you vape indoors, speak with staff members to see if you are allowed, or check online to see what the state’s or country’s law has in place.

Pros: Health Benefits

CBD is known worldwide for its amazing medicinal properties. Here are a few of the health issues people use CBD to treat:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Chronic pain
  • Arthritis
  • Back Pain
  • Cancer
  • Insomnia

In recent years sales of CBD products have been going through the roof because of their therapeutic properties. For a lot of people suffering from mental and physical problems, CBD helps them get on with their daily tasks. Although few doctors recommend CBD because they feel the compound still needs more research, more and more people are finding the substance a game-changer and a superb alternative to dangerous painkillers.

Cons: CBD Vape Pens can Prove Expensive

Although there are plenty of cheap CBD vape pens on the market, most inexpensive devices lack quality. To purchase a CBD vaporizer, you can expect to pay over $200. The initial cost of the device might burn a hole in your wallet, but you will also have to change the coil, which is the replaceable heating element inside the chamber of the vape pen. The price of the coil varies from vape to vape, so before you purchase your vaporizer, consider checking the price and the availability of coils.

There are so many vape products on the market, if your device isn’t that popular, it might prove extremely frustrating trying to source coils for your model. The coils can burn out at any time so you will need to replace them. If your local vape store or dispensary doesn’t stock coils for your device, you’ll probably have to search online instead. The problem is when you try and vape with a coil that has burned out, many people find the taste of the oil terrible. If you purchase your coils online, you might be waiting for some time for your delivery to arrive, so you won’t be able to enjoy vaping CBD until it arrives.

Cons: They can Break Easily

Even if you spend a mini fortune on a vaporizer, there is a strong possibility the device will get damaged. All it takes is for someone to spill liquid on the device or to drop it on a solid surface for it to stop working. Although most expensive vapes are built with quality material intended to last longer, they can still end up damaged.

Cheaper models are often manufactured with low-quality material. Sometimes, when a person stores their vaporizer in their bag or pocket, the chamber or mouthpiece can break. If this happens, finding spare parts is often extremely difficult. Although a lot of mouthpieces for vape pens work on a wide range of devices, not every vape is the same. Even finding spare parts online for the device can prove extremely challenging.

Cons: You need to keep it Charged

It seems that we have so many devices that need to be charged on a regular basis to keep them functioning. Things like smartwatches, mobile phones, tablets, mini speakers, etc. all need to be filled with power now and again to operate. It can be extremely frustrating if you are out and about and you want to vape some CBD oil but you are out of battery. If you need an immediate hit to help treat chronic pain, running out of battery could prove disastrous.

If you do plan on purchasing a vaporizer, consider a device that has removable batteries. Some devices have the batteries built-in while others allow you to take out the batteries so that you can charge them separately. This way you will have a backup in case the batteries you’re currently using run low on power.

If you want to avoid charging another device, there are a lot of disposable CBD vape pens available too.


If you are thinking about consuming CBD for medicinal purposes, consider talking to your doctor first. Although there are many benefits to using CBD products, not everyone reacts well to the substance.

If you plan on purchasing a device, perhaps checking out some online reviews on each model might help you decide which one to go for. Lots of people who vape CBD products like to publish details on forums and websites about what they thought of the product.

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