The most recent addition to ABC’s “The View”, TV personality Jenny McCarthy, is the new face of Blu Cigs commercials.

Ms. McCarthy will star in the brand’s latest TV commercial starting Aug. 5 and webisodes slated for release yesterday, according to Blu, which was acquired by Lorillard for $135 million just over a year ago. The first and most recent commercial was actor Stephen Dorff, the subject of TV and print ads for the Blu brand.

Though there have been a few electronic cigarette commercials to display on TV, Blu Cigs set a path for other brands to follow and creating a way for these still new industry leaders to advertise in the future. The commercial that Stephen Dorff starred in created a huge impact throughout the industry and sparked interest to those who were unaware of the rapid growing product.

In their latest commercial, McCarthy credits the Blu e-cigarettes for restoring her confidence in her dating life and introduces the Blu eCig Starter Pack, a new product. “The webisode is a longer, different version of the TV commercial, in which Ms. McCarthy goes into greater deal about the Starter Pack”, a spokeswoman for Blu said.

“As a smoker who is single, I was instantly drawn to e-cigarettes as a smoking alternative to better suit my activities on-set and my lifestyle off-set,” Ms. McCarthy said in a statement released by Blu.

Electronic cigarettes are a booming, the e-cig industry is projected to roughly double in size this year to roughly $1 billion from $500 million in 2012, a Citibank report said.