With the random media publications of more electronic cigarette users experiencing difficulties with devices, E Cigarette Safety should be placed at the forefront of the industry. Keeping good practices in mind, safety is most vital when handling or operating any electronic device.

Here are 3 of our highly recommended products for E Cigarette Safety:

The Vape Safe Electronic Cigarette Fuse

Lithium Ion batteries, while generally described as “safe,” have been known to vent hot gasses and in some cases, explode. The leading cause of a venting battery is a hard short. The Vape Safe is a mechanical fuse that trips if it senses a short in the mod by shutting down the battery. The Vape Safe can also help protect variable voltage circuitry, hot springs and other circuitry inside your mod that can be damaged in the case of a hard short.

RTD Vapor Cell Box Battery Case

The Cell Box is a waterproof battery case for two 18650 or four 18350 or four 16340 batteries. It has latches on all four sides of the lid to keep batteries secure. By using the Cell Box with your batteries while they aren’t in use, it allows your batteries to sit in a place where the ends can’t come in contact with each other or to be exposed by any outside elements, such as water, which can cause damage to the battery.

The Xtar WP2 Multi-Charger

Not only does the WP2 II charge quick, but it’s well built with added features – such as a switch that can change between two different charge currents and a USB power output. The charger is powered from a single 12 volt DC connector and the USB connector is a USB power output, that can be used to power or charge small USB devices. What makes the Xtar an additive to e cigarette safety, is its safety features. The features of the Xtar are: Undervoltage lockout system, Two-modes ( CC.CV ) charging system, Reverse-polarity protection circuit board and Under voltage disconnecting technology.