The Joyetech eVic has become the hot topic since its announcement back in November 27th, 2012. The eVic or Vapor Intelligent Cigarette is the first ‘intelligent’ type device introduced to the electronic cigarette market and from the looks of it, many are taking it in and flocking to its sleek design and numerous features. Not only is the eVic amazing in design, but it’s a ground breaking device for the electronic cigarette industry.

The Joyetech eVic Starter Kit

  • 1x eVic Control Head
  • 1x eVic Battery Tube (body)
  • 1x Rechargeable 2600mAh Battery
  • 1x eVic USB Cable
  • 1x eVic Wall Adapter
  • 1x eVic Manual
  • 1x MVR Manual
  • 1x MVR Software (Downloadable on the Joyetech website)

The eVic Kit came to me packaged very well, extra bubble wrap and in its own box that is similar to an iPhone’s boxing. A very quality and professional look with the inclusion of the plastic wrapping around the box. Joyetech obviously took the needed time into the presentation of the eVic and in my book, that says a lot about the company.


Inside the eVic box, the products in the kit came nicely placed, the user manuals were full and thick with all the needed information for the MVR software and the eVic itself. I believe Joyetech has set a standard for packaging and user manuals for future products in the electronic cigarette market.

The eVic Design and Appearance

The Joyetech eVic is amazingly beautiful in design. The top of the eVic sports a top cap that hides the 510 eGo connector and drip well. This top cap can be removed if needed, but it also serves a great purpose when using something like AltSmoke’s Dual Coil Tank. When the tank is placed on the device, notches have been cut out on the cap to allow the tank to sit flush and yet still get the needed airflow.


The head unit of the eVic is the brains of the device. It contains the screen, mini USB port and fire/enter button, along with its other electronics. The tinted plastic wraps all the way around the device, the OLED screen being on the front (screen will of course show finger prints, though there isn’t a reason you should be touching the screen), the mini USB port being to the left of the screen on the side and the fire or enter button located on the back (opposite side of the screen). The button is a bit different from the normal buttons you see on devices, this one isn’t round and looks like it more belongs on a smart phone. The button gives the device a very sleek and modern type look, which is very nice. Just as a notation, the button does have the clicky feel, maybe a little less than some others in the market, but still satisfying if you’re into the clicky part of buttons.


The mini USB port is covered by a plastic that can be pulled out easily and when not in use can be covered back up with no problems. Other reviewers that has had a go with the eVic said that the cover for the port was an issue and couldn’t get it to sit flush with the device, though with my eVic, I’ve had no issue at all.

Just below the screen is a direction ring to scroll through the menu system or to adjust the wattage and voltage. This ring makes a bit of a rattle when you shake it, but it operates perfectly and in fact  I’ve taken a liking to this adjustment of wattage and/or voltage more than any other device I’ve used. The ring has a nice feel to it, some-what of a spring action. The body of the eVic looks to have this silver hard coat anodizing, which looks gritty, but has a smooth feel. The eVic seems to be made from a lightweight aluminum, as it isn’t no where near heavy at all. The heaviest part of the eVic is likely the head unit.



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  • Visual Operating System
  • Device Temperature Monitoring
  • Output Short Circuit Protection
[/one_half][one_half last=”yes”]
  • Output Open Circuit Protection
  • Overtime Working Protection
  • Low Voltage Protection

The MVR Software is pretty nice and the first of its kind to be released in the electronic cigarette market. It does serve its purpose very well, but it’s very simplistic.

Get Data From Ecig: Click this icon to import eVic’s data and back it up on your PC. – This will only be used when you need to back up any data or import any data or changes you’ve made on your eVic.

User Information: Click this icon to enter “User Information” . Users can check and modify user information (name, age, gender) through the interface. Click “Modify”  to upload modified information to eVic. – This icon won’t really be used after the first time. This area will just hold your personal information that is stored on the software and on your eVic.

Current Status: Click this icon to set current status of eVic (There are two kinds of status settings: General, Time). Choose “General”, users can check some basic information of current eVic (products name, software version, series no., set puff, total puff, current voltage, current battery mAh) and also can modify every day puff limitation and output power. Click “Modify” to upload modified information to the current eVic. – This all can be done on the device also. Choose “Time” to set time, and then click “Modify” to upload modified information to the current eVic. – This can be done on the device itself as well.

Statistics: Click this icon to enter statistics interface. In this interface, you can know your puff, voltage, and atomizer resistance data through statistical chart. – I was looking on the Joyetech website a few days ago and noticed that the MVR 2.0 software update they’ll be releasing soon is said to have real time statistical monitoring for the eVic.

Upgrade My Ecig: Click this icon to upgrade the software of eVic. (Attention: Please keep the device and your computer connected during upgrading. After upgrading you should disconnect the device and reset the battery cell, and the device is ready to use.) – This is an awesome feature. Who would’ve ever known that in the future we would be able to upgrade our ecig with new features and changes just by clicking a button on our computer. This is the game changer that sets this device apart from the rest. After receiving my Joyetech eVic from AltSmoke, there was already an update for the firmware version of the eVic. Knowing they’ve already released an update is settling. It seems that they’ll give great support for the eVic. I was looking on the Joyetech website a few days ago and noticed that the MVR 2.0 software update they’ll be releasing soon is said to have real-time statistical monitoring for the eVic.



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  • Power ON/OFF
  • Battery Indicator
  • Standby Setting
  • Puff Setting
  • Show Inhaling Count
  • Adjustable Wattage (3v to 5v)
[/one_half][one_half last=”yes”]
  • Adjustable Voltage (2w to 11w)
  • Date Setting
  • Chart Analysis
  • Device Parameters
  • Battery Protection
  • Energy Saving
  • PC Operation

The eVic’s screen looks amazing, it’s well-lit and easy to read. Pressing the button 6 times quickly brings you to the menu system where you can choose from the assorted features of the eVic. Having a device that has a menu system and giving you the option to change different features is nice. Though some of the features aren’t needed really, it still is nice to know the eVic is packed with more than just an over glorified puff counter. The ability to change between variable voltage or variable wattage is quite a nice feature and it’s one of the better features of this device.

The menu system is great, but when scrolling through it and moving to the sub-menu’s, it becomes a bit aggravating because you have to scroll down to exit that menu each time. If they would have added a feature that allows you to quickly move back to your main screen to continue vaping, that would have been great. Remember, these little issues can be fixed easily by updates provided by Joyetech. I do have a few other things about the eVic that I would like to see changed. For instance, on the main screen the puff counter takes up valuable space. Instead of putting a puff counter on the main screen, they could add something more useful, like a reading of your atomizer or cartomizer resistance instead of having to navigate to your menu each time you would like to see it.


The Joyetech eVic provided by is outstanding. It performs great, looks absolutely amazing and the fact that it can interact with my PC and receive updates is super cool. The quality of the eVic is superb, just like the many other Joyetech products you may have used. It has a sleek, professional and modern look to it that really sets it apart from the rest in the market. Just like the eGo for a new vaper, I feel this device is a must for any advanced vaper.

If you’re interested in purchasing the Joyetech eVic, please visit


  1. Question: Does the eVic circuitry ensure the accuracy of the voltage so that if you choose to vape at 3.6v or 4.1v, it will output at that value at less than 1% variance, and will not fluctuate regardless of the life left in the battery?

  2. Actually with the new software update you can switch between puff counter, date/time, and volt/ohm reading by twisting and holding the selctor ring to the left for three seconds or the right three seconds…cool little device!

    • It really just depends on what you prefer the most. The lambo isn’t a bad APV, but it isn’t up to par with the eVic or Provari. The Provari is known for its quality, but the eVic is known for its ability to do both voltage and wattage, along with the amazing display screen and software. For me personally, I think the eVic is the best.

  3. I have all three… the Provari, Lambo 4 and the eVic. All three are great vapes, but the Provari is the best made. The Lambo flaws are soft threads and are likely to strip if dropped or changing tanks a lot. The Lambo loses voltage when the battery gets low, other than that works great. The Provari is great all the way around and a very solid unit. The eVic is a very solid unit for the price and does a lot that is not really needed but a very nice unit – I love the display and does not lose voltage like the Lambo.

    The eVic is my first choice because of the display and functions. Drawback is the whole display is plastic and could break if dropped. My second is the Provari. It is a solid unit and USA made. My third is the Lambo. The body is solid brass and very solid, but the 510 threads worry me unless you are like me and don’t over tighten your tanks.

    • No way. The evic is durable as it gets. Two stories:
      I take the bus every day to work. One day i thought i left it on the bus. It was raining (gently, thank God) and i was wearing sweatpants as i do most every day. Well it fell out of my pocket as i got off the bus unbeknownst to me. I ran outside knowing it was gonna be fried and i we out 80 bucks. Then i saw it! Laying on the ground with a car near it. The car ran over it, and now i.knew it was toast. Well i went and picked it up ready to toss it but for kicks clicked it five times. Turned right on. I couldnt believe it. Next, a couple months later i started working at a car wash. I always keep it in a safe pocket so it doesnt get wet but i was vaping and in a rush tossed it in my pants pocket not thinking. It fell 6 feet down through a grate into water about 75% submerged. I immediately ripped the grate out and jumped down and grab it. Next, clicked the button five times and it turned right back on. I cant say enough good. The evic is a fuggin tank