Futuristic and sleek with a touch of old world charm is the simplest way to describe the Triade triple 18650 DNA 200 box mod from Lost Vapes.  Taking full advantage of innovative design and one of the hardest working, fastest growing chipsets in the market, if you’re looking for the raw power of a drag racer with the trim work of a Bentley, you need look no further than the Triade.  While you won’t find this mod in the bargain section of any vape shop or website, we are going to spend the next couple of minutes looking at why we believe it still costs less than it’s worth.

A Close Look At The Lost Vape Triade

Lost-Vape-Triade-DNA200-Preview-side-viewWith a history of stylistically knocking the ball out of the park, once again Lost Vape has created a device that has us wondering if it should be placed on a shelf as a work of art or used and abused as the monster vaping device it was designed to be.

Measuring in at 85mm by 50mm by 40mm the die-cast zinc alloy chassis appears to have been ripped right from the set of the Star Trek franchise.  Large angled vents in the silvered face plate walls, almost square operational buttons and triangular raised 510 plate give this mod a futuristic look, while the leather inset battery door seems to pull the look together without feeling out-of-place.  Part of the ergonomic design, the soft feel of the leather combined with a body shape similar to the Reuleaux series from Wismec means that it will feel good in the hand over any length of time.

The triple 18650 battery system allows users to fire at a maximum of 200 watts or as many vapers prefer, lower wattage with amazing battery life.  Spring loaded contacts make for quick and easy replacement of all 3 18650’s (sold separately) inside the dual magnetized rear compartment.

Lost-Vape-Triade-DNA200-Preview-top-frontMoving from fashion to function however, the Triade is a proud member of the DNA200 association, the revolutionary chipset that has taken the industry by storm.  With an output range of 1 through 200 watts in regular power mode, using coils between 0.1Ω and 2.0Ω the DNA200 is a fan favorite  for a number of reasons.  A temperature control range of 200 to 600°F (100 to 315°C) is standard and supports Titanium, Stainless Steel and Nickel wires but what sets the DNA chipset apart from others in it’s class is the escribe back-end system that effectively allows the user to fine tune their vaping experience using Temperature Coefficient of Resistance (TCR settings), change the screen settings and a thousand and one other options (may not actually be 1001, but there are a ton of options available).

Ease of use and preventing the user from accidentally changing settings was definitely on the mind of the designers as the Triade comes with 4 separate locking operations, resistance lock, power pre-set lock, power lock and complete lock mode are all built into the system as well as a stealth mode for those who like to vape in the dark.

A solid mod that should last a lifetime, the Triade DNA200 from Lost Arts is definitely one to add to the collection.