This week incredulity has crept into my head as I’ve watched vapers on social media complain that manufacturers are releasing device after device and a hundred new e-liquid lines.  This post is probably going to aggravate a few people, but only because they haven’t bothered to read something other than a headline.  In this one I’m not going to show my usual restraint — we’re all adults here so I am going to lay the facts on the line and let the chips fall where they may.

This is one of those things that should be read by vapers, smokers, and those who have no skin in the game, just so they can see the reality of what is about to happen.

Nuclear Winter?

Vape-Manufacturers-Prepare-For-Nuclear-Winter-TOXICIf that phrase goes over your head, let me explain.  You detonate a nuclear device and everything is pretty much screwed for the foreseeable future, nothing will grow and anything that was alive in the area at the time will wither and die rapidly (look up Chernobyl in the Ukraine and Fukushima in Japan for reference points).  In March of this year, the FDA revealed its vaping regulations, which were interpreted as a stinking pile of horse-crap and essentially 2 nuclear devices on a countdown, ready to obliterate the vaping industry in the United States.  The agency said it was intended to “protect the children,” but in reality the FDA deeming regulation of Vapor Products is intended to be a weapon of mass destruction.

August 8th, 2016 is the day that they’ll set off the baby nuke and the reason why manufacturers seem to be releasing a new mod every couple of days.  If it isn’t on the market by August 8th 2016, it never will be.  The truth of the matter is these products may only stay on the shelves for a maximum of 2 more years; unless by some miracle someone gets around the FDA, but when it comes to box mods and open systems they’re already telling people to save their money and not even bother filling.

Instead of complaining about the new products, in between hand checks, you should be thanking these people for working their asses off to make sure that you can still go out and get something new to play with.  Sitting on social media and acting like this is some amazing new insight that nobody knew about would be laughable if it wasn’t so pathetic.  We are within 2 weeks of vaping as we know it ending and people still act like it’s a damned game.  Just 2 years after the baby nuke sets off,  armageddon has already been marked on the calendar.

Do I begrudge these manufacturers for bringing out a bunch of new products that are all suddenly starting to look and act the same, many of them taking concepts directly from each other?  Absolutely not, because in a few weeks time they’re going to have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars just to see if they can apply for a firmware update to put on your mod.

Pretending we can find loopholes and live above the law may be an idea that’s appealing to some people, but the truth of the matter is, that fuck-you-Jack-I’m-alright attitude is exactly what got us into this situation in the first place.  Instead of bragging about how much e-liquid you have stashed in your basement, get off your ass and get involved in the fight.

If you hate radioactive snow, more importantly the idea that vaping is smoking and will be regulated with tougher rules than cigarettes with absolutely no concern that it could prevent a bunch of people dying, get involved in the fight.


  1. We feel very much with you all here in Europe. The TPD within the EU is no fun either, but compared to what you’ve got from the FDA … well, I don’t have words for it. But at least I can express solidarity, and hereby do.
    Keep up the fight – it’s life saving!
    C. from Germany

  2. Well on the upside there will be less competition in contests with less americano’s… on the down side…. Innovation will probably slow considerably since the market for new devices will shrink 🙁

  3. GOVERNMENTS and ORGANISATIONS feel they are acting in the best interests of society and the the future health of the people. what is also happening is BIG PHARMA and THE TOBACO INDUSTRY and all other COMPANYS who have a monetry investment have infiltrated the industry to undermine its growth and to take control the tpd and the fda have a duty of care but have and are being misled. the evidence to support the good of vapeing is out there now, but there is preasure from other anti smoking groups and with the lack of long term study they are winning. we all agree with regulation and welcome it but the regulation format set out by the tpd and the fda will serve only one purpose and thats the eventual eradication of vapeing and smoking from society. smoking being the hardest. this is my opinion and belief haveing seen these ridiculous regulations. one way to change this is to stand against these changes and the only way forward now is by signing pettitions not looking for loop holes its by being heard and one way you can be heard is in numbers by demonstrating im not talking 50 or a hundred im talking thousands demonstrating regularly as a united force the problem with this is ANGER with a mass demonstration of a thousand people this will surely be targeted by the antis and as soon as violence breaks out you have lost the battle. so to control this i believe that small goups of 50 but lots of small groups targeting establishments such as radio stations in your area and governent offices, the houses of parliament, downing street, itn studios etc. all co ordinated and regularly demonstrated but could this happen NO and the reason is we are not demonstrators we leave it to someone else so we can get on with our lives. if you agree with any of the above you like me are a minority that wants to fight for your right to vape you can see whats to come and realise now is the time to stand up and try to save vapeing but the majority do not see the end they just see a regulated future that they think will not effect them to harshly as they can build there own,make there own, and are not interested in the good it can do and the lives it can save they are vapers full stop. if and when judgment day arrives then they will want to take action but by then it will be to late .