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MadVapes Authentic Carbon 40 Mod

West Coast Vape Supply

As most of you know, MadVapes, one of the web’s largest retailer of electronic cigarettes, has been creating its own ‘authentic’ mods for years.  Now, MadVapes has gained so many of these “MV Authentics” that it has created its own category for the devices.  One of the latest creations is the Carbon 40 Mod.

The Carbon 40 is powered by an Evolv DNA40 chip, which offers temperature control.  The temperature control board is the latest technology introduced to the vaping market and happens to be the most sought after at this current time.

[blockquote cite=”MadVapes Carbon 40 Description” float=”left” align=”left”]By building or using a coil made out of Pure Nickel (Ni200) that is between 0.1Ω and 1.0Ω, you can regulate the maximum temperature to ensure absolutely no burnt taste. Ever. A Kanthal or Nichrome coil will function without temperature control up to 40W.[/blockquote]

The Specs


  • Top and bottom caps made of real wood
  • Laser etched bottom with serial number
  • Single removeable 18650 battery, but also contains a micro USB charger
  • Powder coated trim
  • Dimensions (4.25″ x 2.2″ x 1.1″)
  • Dome style stainless steel switch


[blockquote cite=”MadVapes Carbon 40 Description” float=”left” align=”left”]The Carbon 40 is made in-house by Madvapes in Mooresville, North Carolina. It features real wood for the top and bottom caps. The bottom cap is laser-engraved with an awesome original design and a unique serial number. The Carbon 40 runs off of a single IMR 18650 battery, which can be removed and replaced or charged internally via Micro-USB. The battery door is held securely in place with 2 magnets, and easily slides off when you need to replace the battery. The body has a great carbon fiber style finish that’s lightweight and durable.[/blockquote]

Price: $179.99



Blake Brown
Blake Brown

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