The Vapor Edge, located in Meriden, Connecticut has reached out to us to let us know that they’re looking for a Store Manager.

Applicant should have extensive experience working in an office environment, filing, scheduling, inventory, payroll, printing, and all other tasks of running a small business are necessary for this position, with a considerable amount of experience in a Manager capacity. Additionally, sales experience is a plus, as time will be split between both back office work and counter coverage doing sales in a fast growing Vape Shop with multiple locations in Central Connecticut – which will require driving from one store to another at times, delivering stock, payroll, etc.  All driving time will be compensated, including standard mileage, so reliable transportation is a must, including getting to work in reasonable inclement weather.  So while this environment can be chaotic at times, it will stay equally interesting and challenging.  We work as a team and with increase in sales, we all benefit through our commission program, and through regular staff meetings, business decisions are made involving everyone on the team, so if you’re interested in a job where you will become an integral part of daily operations and together with the rest of our incredible staff help the shops to grow, this job may be perfect for you!

Due to growing faster than anticipated, I have found myself (the owner) completely overwhelmed with wearing so many hats, and it’s finally time to hand over a good deal of this responsibility to a store manager.  I am hoping to find someone energetic and full of ideas and the motivation to really take on the role of running the stores, including making decisions on product presentation, organizing and inventory of stock, design of stores, policies regarding staff and customers, as well as the more mundane tasks such as payroll, filing, keeping stores clean, etc.  Much of this can be delegated to staff, but the ultimate responsibility will fall on the manager.  So you can count on lots of fun and exciting times balanced with disciplined office duties as being it’s a small business, you will wear many hats!  The upside is, if you bring our business to its highest capacity (which may include opening more locations) the financial benefits will follow in our generous commission program, so the ideal candidate is one who wants and is willing to work hard for a very lucrative job, one that will be rewarding and exciting.  If you have this energy, optimism, and work ethic, you should apply for this position immediately as I am looking to fill it asap.

Since our business is retail Electronic Cigarettes, any knowledge and/or experience with “vaping” would be a plus, and optimally we would prefer a person that currently uses this wonderful alternative to smoking, however we are flexible with someone willing to actively learn.  As you’ve likely noticed, the use of this product has continually increased nationwide, and is specifically undergoing an amazing growth rate in the state of Connecticut right now, which only helps in the constant growth we’ve experienced this past year or so, and that only seems to be increasing exponentially on a daily basis. This means the ability to earn significantly as we continue to increase our sales, so we are seeking a team player who can fit right in and move forward with us, might this be you?

Pay is part hourly/part commission, but you can expect to earn $16+ per hour to start, and the commissions will increase as our overall profits do, potentially significantly. All applicants must be competent in Microsoft programs such as Word and Excel, ability to learn new programs – such as our POS, which currently is Square – and be able to work in a fast and ever-changing environment, but a FUN one, provided we maintain excellence in service to our customers!  *Note: I am seeking a person to take on a crucial role with day-to-day operations overseeing our sales staff, and allowing me to be away from the business for significant periods of time as needed, so trust and devotion to our business is a must, especially in my absence.  I need someone I can feel completely confident to make intelligent decisions and solve problems – with staff and/or customers and/or distributors and/or….. – on your own, as there will be times I will be an absentee owner, as my life requires, so I need someone I can COUNT ON.

If you have such experience/skills, the pay can be potentially higher (specifically the commission aspects) as you will quickly learn that I reward my staff generously based on what they bring to the table. As such, there is significant room for growth, both with responsibilities and salary for the right person, so if you are the “go-getter” type, you can expect your devotion to be well-compensated.  IMPORTANT: Dependability is a MUST for this position, both being on time to work every day, and minimal same-day callouts, as the job will require you to open the store several days a week.  If you have issues that may prevent this dedication, this position is not for you, and it’s crucial to be honest with yourself so as not to waste either of our time.  This aspect is non-negotiable, as it’s just too important to consistently open our stores on time and not be short-staffed.  That being said, I am extremely accommodating to altering schedules as needed and with notice, can usually allow days off as requested and flexibility with hours and such, provided it is not on short notice.

Please contact Andrew at [email protected] with basic info about yourself, experience, and any pertinent info you think would be valuable to our business.  Include recent job history with your immediate supervisors contact info, three personal references (please include at least one that is unrelated or a close friend), all office/administrative skills you are proficient in, any management experience you may have and of course let us know if you have experience with using electronic cigarettes – and to what degree –  and we might call you in for an interview soon!