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You Might Prefer PG Over VG

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Just yesterday Klaus Kneale from Ecig Advanced published an article about how even though you say you prefer Vegetable Glycerin over Propylene Glycol, from blind-test studies, you might actually prefer PG (Propylene Glycol). I found the article to be quite interesting as it focuses on your taste and feel, rather than what you see or hear.

Here’s the original source:

In a conference call hosted by Wells Fargo, V2 CEO Andries Verleur spoke to media and analysts about the electronic cigarette industry.  A variety of topics were covered ranging from consumer behavior and taxes to manufacturing and even international politics.  One point seemed worth exploring with our community.

Verleur argued that although many individuals claimed to prefer vegetable glycerin as a base to their e-liquids, nearly 80% of vapers preferred propylene glycol in blind taste tests.  The disconnect occurred largely, as Verleur argued, because people simply like the word vegetable more than glycerin,propylene, or glycol and that sways their judgement.  Acorrding to Verleur, propylene glycol (PG) is easier to work with and has less taste to get in the way of flavor designs.  Vegetable glycerin (VG) tends to be thicker and harder to work with.

Many e-liquids use a combination of the two, displayed as a percentage on the label.  However, many companies seem to be heading more in one direction than another.

Although vegetable glycerin might sound better, it’s about the same as PG.  Both are safe for consumption, a pose allergy risks to a small portion of the population, and both are used in a wide variety of products.  PG can be found in many cosmetics, foods, cleaners, and even toothpaste.  VG can be found in sweetened foods, dairy products, condiments, and even marshmallows.  These are only a sliver of the vast number of places both PG and VG can be found.

Blake Brown
Blake Brown

Blake is the owner and creator of the Guide To Vaping blog. He has expressed his passion for the vaping industry through his deeply rooted and highly informative content. Being a writer and content provider for the vaping industry for year's, Blake has also gained experience from working with multiple blogs and well respected companies.

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