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Mistic CEO Talks E-Cigs on Bloomberg TV

Bloomberg TV interviews John Wiesenhan, CEO at Ballantyne Brands, the maker of Mistic Electronic Cigarettes. The Mistic brand is currently sold at many locations including Walmart and RiteAid.

A nice representation of the electronic cigarette industry, but the last part didn’t settle with me in a pleasing way. It was said from one of the hosts that anyone could purchase an electronic cigarette kit from Alibaba and start their own e-cigarette company – “Does that help or hinder the consolidation of the e-cig industry?”

Wiesenhan’s response “I think it hinders it. That’s why we’re working with the FDA. We think that internet sales will not be here because of the age restriction; We welcome that.”

That said, does Wiesenhan like the idea of no e-cigarette internet sales because of age restriction or because it poses a threat by increasing his competitors?







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