Bloomberg TV interviews John Wiesenhan, CEO at Ballantyne Brands, the maker of Mistic Electronic Cigarettes. The Mistic brand is currently sold at many locations including Walmart and RiteAid.

A nice representation of the electronic cigarette industry, but the last part didn’t settle with me in a pleasing way. It was said from one of the hosts that anyone could purchase an electronic cigarette kit from Alibaba and start their own e-cigarette company – “Does that help or hinder the consolidation of the e-cig industry?”

Wiesenhan’s response “I think it hinders it. That’s why we’re working with the FDA. We think that internet sales will not be here because of the age restriction; We welcome that.”

That said, does Wiesenhan like the idea of no e-cigarette internet sales because of age restriction or because it poses a threat by increasing his competitors?