Vapor Joes, it’s one of the most loved websites and it’s also one of the most hated. There are a lot of mixed feelings on the website and the man behind it, yet vapers continue to find their way to it – now boasting a massive 22M pageviews since 2012.

I’ve talked with Vapor Joe a few times wondering just how he reaches such a large audience, but the tactics still remain a mystery. Shortly after, I find myself visiting the Vapor Joes Android App, not to purchase anything, but to get a glimpse of the new gear entering the e-cigarette market. Could I have uncovered the secret?

If you’re one of those people who aren’t big on the whole ‘Vapor Joes’ thing, you don’t have to purchase anything. However, if you’re wanting to stay up to date on new gear entering the e-cigarette market, Vapor Joes is no doubt an incredible source for that.

You can get the app here: Vapor Joes Android App