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New Cancer Study Finds Vaping Much Safer Than Smoking

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Earlier this month an article was released sharing that a new cancer study was published and found vaping to be much safer than smoking.  In fact, the researchers found that the people who switched from smoking traditional cigarettes to vaping, or nicotine replacement therapy (NRT), like nicotine gum or patches for at least six months shown much lower levels of toxins in their saliva and urine than those who continued to smoke.

For vapers, this new study only adds more proof of what we not only know, but feel in our bodies.  Unfortunately, those against vaping because it’s new or because it doesn’t line their pockets with money, do not know or want to know these benefits.  They’re ruthless, cold-hearted, and they simply do not care for life.  They want to put out headlines, get clicks, and try everything within their power to detour smokers from a proven, safer alternative.  Here’s a few headlines I found when researching this topic:

  • More Cancer-Causing Chemicals Found In Electronic Cigarettes – The Verge
  • A New Cancer Study Found E-Cigarettes Affect Cells The Same As Tobacco Smoke – Vice
  • Flavoured E-Cigarettes Produce ‘Unaccaptably Dangerous’ Levels of Cancer-Causing Toxins – Independent
  • High Levels of Cancer-Linked Chemical in E-Cigarette Vapor – Web MD

After those headlines, this one was released

  • Read The Stunning Correction This Scientist Dropped On Her Own Anti-Ecig Study – Daily Caller

Skip to present day, and now we’re presented with a study finding that long-term vaping is much safer and less toxic than smoking traditional cigarettes, according to this new study that analyzed levels of dangerous and cancer-causing substances in the body.

Our study adds to existing evidence showing that e-cigarettes and NRT are far safer than smoking, and suggests that there is a very low risk associated with their long-term use.

— Lion Shahab, epidemiology and public health specialist at University College London

This study was published in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine, which analyzed the saliva and urine samples from long-term e-cigarette and NRT users as well as smokers, and then compared those levels of key chemicals found in their bodies.  The study results showed that smokers who switched completely to vaping or NRT had much lower levels of toxic chemicals and carcinogens compared to people who continued to smoke traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Those who did vape or used NRT, but did not completely quit smoking didn’t show the same drop in tonix levels.  What this tells us is that a complete switch was needed to get the long-term health benefits of quitting tobacco, said the researchers.

The findings held a clear message for tobacco smokers. Switching to e-cigarettes can significantly reduce harm to smokers, with greatly reduced exposure to carcinogens and toxins. The findings also make clear that the benefit is only realized if people stop smoking completely and make a total switch. The best thing a smoker can do, for themselves and those around them, is to quit now, completely and forever.

— Kevin Fenton, national director of health and wellbeing at the government authority Public Health England

Blake Brown
Blake Brown

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