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Basic Information

Is Vaping Safe: Looking At The Facts

Electronic cigarette use, or vaping, has been around for a decade.  In that time, despite what some organizations would have you believe, there hasn’t been a confirmed case any where on this planet of anyone dying due to correct e-cigarette use.  While governments around the world are doing...

Science and Studies

New Report: Vaping 95% Less Harmful Than Smoking

For years, better said since its existence, vaping has been scrutinized because of its relation to traditional cigarettes and its close similarities to the act of smoking.  There have been groups, pharmaceutical companies and government officials that have tried their best to give the public a bad...

Science and Studies

AEMSA Sponsored Study Proves Exciting Results

Just yesterday AEMSA announced its sponsorship of a Clinical Study led by Dr. Farsalinos that has been presented to the FDA for AEMSA’s 3rd “Listening Session.” The Clinical Study was presented to the FDA , with its over 20 members in attendance. Just as the previous listening...



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