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New Guidelines Urge Doctors To Advise Products For Smokers Finding It Difficult To Quit

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Maybe people are finally starting to get it, doctors included. DailyMail reports that public health experts behind new guidelines say that “electronic cigarettes are better than smoking”.

For the first time smokers are being encouraged to cut down, even if they can’t quite in one step. They went on by saying the guidance from the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (Nice) says doctors seeking to help smokers can advise ‘these products are likely to be less harmful than cigarettes’. Professor Paul Aveyard, a GP and one of the panel of experts which drew up the guidance, said he will tell patients that using e-cigarettes is ‘better than smoking’.

It’s satisfying seeing an article by a news media source report that and point out that electronic cigarettes are less harmful than tobacco cigarettes. A Professor telling patients that using e-cigarettes is better than smoking? I think the e-cig naysayers will become unplugged as they see the rapid growth in the media reporting positive information about the devices.

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Blake Brown
Blake Brown

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