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Electronic Cigarette News

Delegate Faircloth Needs Your Signature

  West Virginia Delegate Larry W Faircloth has spent a great deal of time and energy battling the Government in his State when it comes to vaping and the rights of vapers. Last year, he helped to crush a tax on vapor products and is currently in the trenches once again as they relentlessly...

Electronic Cigarette News

Vapor4Life Ditches Chicago

Vapor4Life announced this week that they will be closing their Lincoln Square vape shop in Chicago. Considering the insanity that has been thrown in the face of the vaping industry from that city and its surrounding county, this hardly comes as a shock, but this is a sign that the vape industry...


More American Smokers Than Ever : Quitting

More American smokers than ever are quitting combustible tobacco in the form of cigarettes.  A few days ago, an article from the Daily Caller came across my desk titled  ” Gallup Poll Shows Smoking Rate Collapsing As E-Cigarette Use Soars ” with regards to a recent Gallup Poll  which...


Vaping And Condoms: Do you Know The Connection

Do you know the connection between condoms and vaping?  This morning I received an email from A Billion Lives regarding Aaron Beibert’s speech to the White House’s Office of Management and Budget regarding the upcoming FDA regulations.  I can honestly say that in all my time writing...

Electronic Cigarette News

Diacetyl In Vaping – Lets Tell The Truth

For the last 24 hours, my  social media news-feed has been bombarded with share after share of a recently published study from Harvard University.  I have received countless emails from people who have been inundated from non smoking friends telling them to go back to cigarettes because vaping is...



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