In the latest news of vaping science, Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos lead the research of a new survey proving the benefits of e-cigarettes with more than 19,000 consumers. Dr Farsalinos is from the Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center in Athens-Greece and has become an active role in the world of electronic cigarettes, putting his expertise to work throughout many surveys and studies for the industry.

This latest survey spreads worldwide with more than 19,000 e-cigarette consumers to understand the Characteristics, Perceived Side Effects and Benefits of Electronic Cigarette Use.

The purpose of this survey was to assess the characteristics and experiences of a large sample of EC users and examine the differences between those who partially and completely substituted smoking with EC use.

There was a questionnaire that was made available online and translated into 10 different languages. With the survey, electronic cigarette users were asked to participate irrespective of their current smoking status. These participants were divided into groups according to their smoking status at the time of participation. There were two groups: former smokers and current smokers.

RESULTS: In total, 19,414 participants were included in the analysis, with 88 of them (0.5%) reported not being smokers at the time of EC use initiation. Complete substitution of smoking was reported by 81.0% of participants (former smokers) while current smokers had reduced smoking consumption from 20 to 4 cigarettes per day. They were using ECs for a median of 10 months. They initiated EC use with a median of 18 mg/mL nicotine-concentration liquids; 21.5% used higher than 20 mg/mL. Only 3.5% of participants were using 0-nicotine liquids at the time of the survey. Former smokers were highly dependent (Fagerström Test for Cigarette Dependence = 7) and were heavier smokers (21 cigarettes per day when smoking) compared to current smokers. The most important reasons for initiating EC use for both subgroups was to reduce the harm associated with smoking and to reduce exposure of family members to second-hand smoking. Most considered ECs as less harmful than tobacco cigarettes, while 11.0% considered them absolutely harmless. Side effects were reported by more than half of the participants (59.8%), with the most common being sore/dry mouth and throat; side effects were mild and in most cases were subsequently resolved (partially or completely). Participants experienced significant benefits in physical status and improvements in pre-existing disease conditions (including respiratory disease such as asthma and chronic obstructive lung disease). Being former smoker was independently associated with positive effects in health and improvements in disease conditions.

This is no doubt the largest survey conducted for the electronic cigarette industry, delivering a massive 19,414 participants. Because of the large consumer feedback for this survey, I’m sure this survey will come very handy for future fights against bans and such, as well as proving beneficial results that could play well for the outcome of the FDA’s deeming regulation.

You can learn more about the study on or by visiting the original survey article on the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.


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