The place where many flock to for vacationing and a place that becomes the wildest and most craziest hot spot, Panama City Beach, was set to vote on an e-cig ban this past Thursday.

Panama City Beach City Council was scheduled to make a final decision on three ordinances. Those ordinances are designed to tone down Spring Break. The ordinance is a result of unflattering coverage on Fox News, which inspired the officials to act.

Of the three ordinances, the one that popped out and news worthy for this blog was of course the ban of e-cigarette use. The council will revisit an ordinance that would ban the use of e-cigarettes on all city property where smoking is already prohibited. Though the ban is minor, it is still a ban and highly effects those who use electronic cigarettes in the area. The meeting was set to 2PM, Thursday, at 110 S. Arnold Road.

– At this time, we have no further information on how the vote went.


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