Pink Spot Vapors has got to be one of the most hip, up to date and best e-liquid companies in the market today. They’ve not only become one of the more popular vendors, but they’ve also become one of the most humorous and sex appealing as well. On top of all that, their juice tastes amazing!

Note: Vaping PSV eJuice will improve your sex drive, give you thicker hair, help lose weight and will overall make you a happier person! (<- lol penn!)

What’s Up For Grabs?

1st Winner: 6x 6ml Bottle E-Liquid Sample Pack and a Pink Spot Vapors T-shirt

2nd Winner: 1x 30ml Bottle of E-Liquid (Your flavor choice) and a Pink Spot Vapors T-Shirt

How To Enter?

So you want to win? – Follow the instructions below.

  1. Go to
  2. Find the hidden text “GTV” and the number following it.
  3. Once you found the number, email [email protected] with the number and a link (URL) to the page you found it.
  4. If you want more PinkSpotVapors giveaways in the future, write PSV and say “I want more PSV!” in the comments below this post.
There are 2 random numbers we’ve chosen, which will be our 2 winners.
(Let’s keep this giveaway fair, please do not tell others a winning number or link.)


How Do We Pick The Winners?

Each email we receive with the correct number and URL, we will throw in a pool where they will be numbered. We will then use a random number generator to pick our 2 winners.

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Update: Winners Picked!

Numbering each email as they were received, using – We picked 2 winners.

First Winner: #14 – Congrats to user email: [email protected]

Second Winner: #16 – Congrats to user email: [email protected]

We had 22 contestants that found the hidden “GTV” and following number.  We appreciate you all for participating and hope you’ll be around for the next one.

A HUGE Thank you to for the awesome giveaway!

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