When I stumbled upon this article, I found it quite interesting. We have lawmakers trying to create bans that include electronic cigarettes, while at the same time we have a Police force allowing officers to use them. I’m not the brightest person, but I see something confusing about this!

A police force has become the first in Britain to allow officers to smoke e-cigarettes.

The electronic inhalers have been banned by some organisations amid fears they’re still bad for health.

They turn a liquid solution into safe smoke and contain a small amount of nicotine, but not the dangerous tar.

Cambridgeshire Constabulary has now decided that staff can smoke them, saying their benefits outweigh the disadavantages.

A force spokesman said: “Following discussion which considered both pros and cons of both visibility and health it was agreed that use of electronic cigarettes would be permitted on police premises although not in front-facing areas such as enquiry offices.”

While this isn’t in the US, I’m sure we’ll see eventually happening here as well. What people need to understand is, e-cigarettes for designed just for reasons like this. They were designed as an alternative to tobacco cigarettes, places where you can’t smoke and a much better way to get your nicotine fix.