I’ve predicted 2012 to be the year of the rebuildable atomizer. It’s nice to see this prediction finally coming true. With several companies working on their version of the rebuildable atomizer, it’s a matter of who will have the stock to supply all of us vapers, and which ones will work the best.

Enter the Precise Strata, from Super-T Manufacturing. A PV with integrated tank and dual coil rebuildable atomizer. Read that last sentence again- integrated tank, DUAL COIL rebuildable atomizer. Interested yet?

The Precise Strata will feature a Patent Pending Vortex Swirl air control system and juice feed system featuring:

  • 360 degree adjustable and regulated air inlet that feeds air from a full 360 degrees around the entire heating coil(s), insuring consistent and equal distribution across the heating coils and uniform atomization.
  • Vortex inspired air funnels creates multiple vortices 360 degrees across the heating coils providing much improved atomization and increased vapor production.
  • Conductive Heat exchange intake system. Captures absorbed heat and transfers it to the incoming air charge providing unequaled vapor and throat hit.
  • Infinitely adjustable air control. A simple twist of the cap adjusts the draw to your unique tastes.
  • Air enters at the base of the heating coils (and 360 degress all around) and is drawn up over the entire surface of the heating coils improving atomization and improved vapor. Air is not drawn from one side or at the middle/side or top as in many traditional designs.
  • Proprietary integrated dual juice feed system.

Other Features of the Precise Strata PV Include:

  • Dual Coil Heating Elements and Dual tank feed tubes (can also run as single feed, single coil).
  • Unique wicking design that utilizes our proprietary wicks that won’t need replacing or the user can also use traditional rolled stainless steel mesh wicks.
  • Screw on removable tank top for easy cleaning, no hassle juice changes and easy fills without a syringe (can be filled with a syringe if that’s your style too).
  • Sight Glass for keeping an eye on the juice levels.
  • Utilizes the same Patent Pending dual grounding button design as the PrecisePlus for consistent reliable electrical operation
  • One Click Locking Button. Click it and forget it!
  • Rhodium plated electrical contacts will never corrode or oxidize, ensuring maximum conductivity and reliable switch operation
  • Stainless steel one piece tank. No pyrex, quartz or polycarbonate tanks to break or crack. User replaceable sight glass.
  • All threaded sections and caps: Prevents parts from pulling apart or moving.

Available in two models:

Precise Strata 18500: .795 wide x 4.50 long

Precise Strata 18650: .795 wide x 5.12 long

There are three major parts to the Precise Strata:

  1. The Juice Tank (which screws directly onto the PV) just like a top cap would. Also contains the sight glass.
  2. Rebuildable dual coil atomizer cap which also serves as the tank top cap. Also works in conjunction with the air control system in the top cap. Also contains the dual wicks and tank feeds.
  3. Top cap (contains the air control air distribution and air feed, works in conjunction with the atomizer cap). Also accepts any 510 style drip tip.

This tank atomizer combo will also be sold separately for existing PrecisePlus owners and will screw on in place of your existing top cap on all 18350/18500/18650 PrecisePlus’.

Release date: TBD

**Check back for GTV’s review of the Precise Strata- as soon as we can get one in our hands.


  1. Good story guy’s, this is the direction manufactures need to go! Even better if you can use them with devices like the Evolve kick and a 18650 battery. You see so many reviews on mods, but it really boils down to how the e-liquid is atomized. Like having a 650 hp hotrod but not being able to get the power to the ground. Or a high HP powerboat propped wrong. Your just wasting that energy. I’m still waiting for that great vape – every time – easy to use – non- disposable – long lasting -sharp looking device…Hopefully not too much longer….