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Box Mod Basics: How Does A Series Vape Mod Work

In this addition to Box Mod Basics, we’re going to answer a question that’s become more common – how does a series vape mod work? – In today’s article we’re going to open one up – or at least look at the basic concept of the series vape mod and how it all...


Box Mod Basics: How Does A Parallel Vape Mod Work

Vapers asking how does a parallel vape mod work is becoming more of a frequent question, so in today’s article we’re going to focus on just that.  In our new addition to the Intermediate category, we’ve come up with “Box Mod Basics”, where we look at the different...

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YiHi SX Mini M-Class Mod Review

YiHi has become one of the most talked about companies within the vaping industry.  The company started off by manufacturing chips for various electronic cigarette devices, such as the ZMax, Vamo and SVD.  As the market progressed, the devices vapers used were being equipped with YiHi chips.  To...

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10 Best Inexpensive Regulated Mods

Since rebuildable atomizers became the hot item in the electronic cigarette market, manufacturers have created a whole slew of devices to accommodate them. The devices of today have followed in the direction of where vaping is going, and that is to support these new atomizers. Though we’ve...


Moving Into The World of Mods

If you’ve wanted to take the next step and move into the world of mods, now is probably going to be your best time to do so. With so many devices being poured into the e-cig market, it’s lowered the value of mods. – And not to mention the amount of vendors that are throwing out...

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The VAMO is an Advanced Personal Vaporizer – which includes an OLED screen, a very simple menu system, along with a few other advanced features that are built into the device – like the ability to control your vape with both variable voltage and variable wattage.  This device has become...

Product Reviews Vape Mod Reviews

iVape Tesla Review

The Tesla just happens to have a menu system and offers variable voltage and variable wattage like many of the newer APV’s (Advanced Personal Vaporizers) you’ve seen hit the market lately, so what makes it so different from the rest? – It could be because of its bold focus on...


The Billet Box

In the most recent APV announcements  we’ve been seeing not only better features being introduced, but now these PV makers are really focusing on the design. Though this is no beauty contest, it damn sure entices you to pay up. With this next PV announcement, The Billet Box, you’ll...


Janty MiD Profile Programming and Real Time Monitoring

Imagine being able to completely control your vape… Imagine being able to completely control your vape in all aspects. The genius idea of creating profiles for your APV is Janty’s way of introducing us vapers into the major league of vaping. Many of you might be thinking “Why do I...



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