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Propaganda Disposable Bars Preview

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For the hardcore fans of vapor products out there, a familiar face will have you excited once again with its new disposable e-cigarette. Propaganda, a brand known throughout the vaping industry for the Propaganda E-Liquid line of deliciously crafted flavors is setting the tone yet again with the Propaganda Disposable Bars, a group of disposable bars that utilizes Propaganda’s fan-favorite vape juice flavors. You can relive those delicious moments with every puff, while there is no hassle of refreshing or refilling associated with the experience. It is truly Propaganda E-Liquid at its best yet!

Propaganda Disposable Bars Flavors

What makes these disposable bars so incredible to use isn’t just enjoying a vape with little effort, it is the vape juice flavors that come in them. There are 5 different Propaganda Disposable Vape Bars available, each offering a different taste. Enjoy everything from a Sour Apple to Cookie Butter, some of the brand’s most-loved flavors of all time.

Sour Apple

Filled with flavor, the Sour Apple Propaganda Disposable Bar will offer every part of the tart experience you crave. If you are into Granny Smith apples, then this is one flavor that you won’t want to live without. Relax as you enjoy a smooth draw of delicious vapor.

Blue Razz Ice

Gushing a refreshing taste of blue raspberry and menthol, you’ll find that this succulent flavor is all that you need. It’s a true all-day-vape for anyone. Combining the popular blue raspberry flavor with the cooling touch of menthol delivers a taste that feels as if it’s an ice-cold fruity beverage.

Juicy Grape Ice

It isn’t every day that you find a flavor so good it’s hard to resist, that is until you discover Juicy Grape Ice, a flavor that truly tastes like authentic grapes. The delicious grape flavor has been combined with a bursting shot of menthol to refreshen you and give you a unique experience.

Cookie Butter

Cookie Butter is one of those unique vapes that you want to revisit over and over again. The outstanding flavor originates from Propaganda’s Vape Pink vape juice line, and they’ve thrown it into a disposable vape so that you can fall in love with once again. If oatmeal cookies are what you crave, the Cookie Butter flavor is one you need to try.


Giving no indication of this one, the Propaganda Disposable Bars Illuminati is one that will certainly surprise you. It’s a flavor from their original collection, which everyone has come to adore for its remarkable taste. In this one, they’ve combined blood oranges with strawberries, creating a fruity vape that will fall into your rotation easily.

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