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6 Important Vaping Facts You Need to Know

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E-Cigarettes or other vaping devices that have become quite popular nowadays are available in the departmental stores or any different 24-hour convenience store. It is generally used as an alternative by those who are eager to quit smoking. Here we will discuss some of the facts we know or must know about this device and also whether or not vaping is safe for us.

Vaping: Invented in China

It was back in the year 2003, when a Chinese by the name of Hon Lik, was trying to develop a way to consume nicotine without the need to burning tobacco wrapped with a sheet of paper (cigarette). He came up with a solution to this problem by finding out a way to use the piezoelectric ultrasound element to vaporize a nicotine solution. Now, however, the method of vaping has come a long way, from the first battery-powered vape devices.

Vaping devices like e-hookahs used along with traditional cigarettes

Many smokers use vaping devices besides their cigarettes, where smoking is not allowed. It means they do change the medium of consuming nicotine, exposing themselves to its harmful effects. The increasing popularity of the e-hookah devices and its availability is reversing decades of global efforts that were taken to curb smoking, especially among the younger generation.

Constraint Appetite

Although many usually vape with the belief that they can quit smoking, there is a significant portion of the population who do it as a way to eat less. For instance, if someone buys a creamy product like a cinnamon roll, they usually vape immediately after having it to cut off its fat contents from the body.

Vaping is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world

From an alternative of smoking tobacco without ignition of an external flame, this has become a million-dollar industry- a significant contributor to the economy. From a 39 million dollar business back in 2012, it exponentially grew to a billion-dollar industry by 2017.

Other Important aspects of vaping

There is less monitoring over vaping products that makes it challenging to analyze the dangers of specific products possess. There are many varieties in the nature and concentration of the ingredients used in making the vape liquid.

The Vaping Industry is bigger diverse and independent than ever before and is estimated to grow even biggers given the figures above. People do still love to vape for a variety of reasons. Today the vape has the same social impact as the cigarette had during the early 1960s and 70s.

Good news for vaping enthusiasts is that the Royal College of Physicians in London have endorsed vaping back in 2015 officially that has made people have a more tolerant approach towards vaping. The paper published by the College answers several misconceptions and questions people previously had about vaping -regarding the health effects.  

Vaping Devices can be Reused

Unlike the usual cigarettes that have to be discarded after smoking, you can fill in the flavored e-juice in the vaping device’s tank and us the same device once again. Vaping is hence termed to be a cheaper alternative to traditional smoking. Some pot-based devices remain intact, which means that the pod has to be replaced by a new one once it runs out of the liquid. This makes vaping more affordable and reasonable to use than conventional methods. If any tool inside the vaping device is damaged, it can be replaced easily.

Another interesting fact about vaping is that there are different types of flavors available to try from the list-ranging from strawberry to tobacco and many more, unlike the traditional cigarettes that are available in limited flavors. The list of e-liquids is countless, which means there is always one flavor or the other that is yet to try out. Some of these flavors come with nicotine in it while others do not.

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