Have you paid the big bucks to get one of the markets most popular mods?  Then we’re sure you want to do everything to protect your investment.  One of the newest ways to do that is by purchasing VaporShark’s new Vape Shield.

vape shield logoVape Shield is a new hydrophobic nano coating that is applied by VaporShark.  What this coating does is protect any device from water damage.  This works by applying a thin and seamless layer of carbon nanobeads, which will actively repel liquids.  The carbon nanobeads are applied to the device in a vacuum environment that ensures complete coverage and protection.  Once this product is applied, the applied surface is actually incapable of getting wet, and the liquid beads on contact and slides right off.

[blockquote cite=”VaporShark Vape Shield Description” float=”left” align=”left”]A hydrophobic layer approximately 2 angstroms thick, or 1/2000th the thickness of a human hair, is applied to the entirety of your device inside and out. This extremely water-repellent carbon polymer is applied in a controlled vacuum environment via an electrical plasma. The result is a shield completely invisible and undetectable through touch. Vape Shield is only noticeable in the event of an accidental spill or liquid submersion. When water or other liquids come into contact with your device Vape Shield actively repels the liquid from any coated surface, protecting the sensitive internal circuitry. Vape Shield from Vapor Shark: because a shark shouldn’t be afraid to get wet![/blockquote]

This type of protective coating has been out for some time now, so it isn’t like VaporShark has suddenly invented this product.  However, they are the first to offer it for our vaporizers, and to many that hold their devices precious, this could be the perfect product.  But, there is only one thing that makes this protective product one that many may pass up: in order to actually use the product, you’ll have to send your device into VaporShark and let them apply it for you.  This could mean you’ll be weeks without your precious, and I believe many won’t enjoy that.

Anyhow, if you’re looking to add a layer of protection, you can head on over to VaporShark to purchase Vape Shield.