So I’m testing out this lower cost 18650 pv called the Indulgence V3. This isn’t the newest or best mod to hit the market, but it does have some decent value. “Value” in a market that is full of buzzards preying on those e-cig curious types isn’t always easy to find. For those that are serious about kicking the cigarette habit, this could be a make it or break it device. To start with, most people that try the conventional cigarette “look-a-likes” find that  those e-cigs have many shortcomings- and then move on to bigger and better (or get frustrated and give up). We like to think that it is a service to those looking into e-cigs and vaping if we can help the whole “waste of money, poor performance, no vapor producing, overpriced gimmicky” crap from hitting your browser, lips or pocketbook.  Your “rite of passage” doesn’t have to be what a lot of us went through.  This PV may, or not be for you- but here’s my take.

Indulgence V3 PVIndulgence-V3 PV review

These starter kits include the following:

1 X Indulgence V3 Body (510 threads)

1 X Protected 3.7V 18650 Li-Ion Battery

1 X Universal Li-Ion Battery Charger

1 X 510 Standard Riva Atomizer *not made by Joyetech, this is a Riva 510 atomizer

5 X 510 Standard Riva Empty Cartridge *not made by Joyetech, these are Riva 510 empty cartridges

1 X Carrying Case (Custom made for the Indulgence V3 Starter Kit)


Insert battery, add 510 atty or carto with liquid, press button, vape. You can add a threaded cone if you wanted, or a dripshield. I know of at least two new vapers that I’ve converted that are happy with their purchase of the Indulgence V3 (and off of the analogs). Even better, they skipped the whole “truck stop stick battery” rite-of-passage that most new vapers go through. If they have an itch to try a higher voltage, it can be done with little hassle. The Indulgence V3 works with different battery configurations to allow for 3.7, 4.8 and 7.4v.

Breaking it down- if you use everything that comes with the kit, you will be getting a good deal IMO. I’d like to see cartos shipped with it vs. the carts. That’s just my opinion. Is $60 a good price? It sure beats starting off on an overpriced greensmoke kit, and it should easily surpass the Ego experience. Not only do you have a device that can run a good sized battery on, but you have options to vape at 3.7, 4.8v -or 7.4v if you choose to stack batteries.

The body and button won’t compare to a silver bullet or even the bolt- but neither does the price on this mod with the battery, charger and other accessories included in the kit. The button has a nice click to it, and performed as it should over my last two weeks of testing. The battery cap threads could benefit from a bit of lube possibly.

I am using an AW 1600Mah IMR, vs. the battery that comes with the kit. (I already had batteries and a charger, so I’m not reviewing the whole kit- just the PV). The battery does move around from side to side a bit, as the Indulgence V3 was made for a different 18650. (3000MAH protected, non-IMR)

Possible additional purchases required:
At least 1-2 more batteries for use and backup, LR cartos and/or LR atty if desired, Juice. Dripshield or cone -again, if desired.

Vendor Notes:
I’ve seen Brett/TexasSelectVapor in action answering questions and making sure that new vapers are doing well. He is easily accessible via his website or G+. A big “thumb’s up”.

Lower cost for PV, battery, charger, case, atty and carts kit. It’s not ugly. It will let you experiment a bit if desired. Better performance than any stick battery, truck stop kiosk pre-filled ecig, AND overpriced Greensmoke and Blu *truckstop e-cigs.

This PV is from China, as is most e-cig products. (But this is backed by Brett, from Texas- so it’s much less of a con).

Overall thoughts:
This unit would be great for someone exploring vaping and options, as well as a backup unit or low cost entry unit into the world of mods. It doesn’t have any frills in design, build, or price. Someone looking for a better experience than the Blu, Greensmoke or normal 510 batteries will be very happy- and at this price point, it won’t break the bank. Try an “e-cig” that will work and stop re-searching if you are looking for “something”.  Most learn that backups are essential- this is a perfect backup unit, or even primary 3.7v device. Getting your feet wet is the most important step.

Where to purchase: Texas Select Vapor

That’s my two cents folks. Leave yours in the comments.


  1. I have had my V3 for about seven months now, using pretty much every 18650 I can throw at it (trustfires, AW, ultra fires, protected, unprotected, IMR, etc.) and it’s still working flawlessly. The only issue I have with this PV is that it’s NOT pocket friendly. the switch is mechanical and there is no cut off time. I have burnt my leg countless times by pressing the switch in my pocket. If you’re going to drop it in your pocket for any extended period of time, give the atomizer/cartomizer a couple turns to disconnect the center post. Your pocket will thank you. Other than that, I give this PV a solid 8/10, for value/price.