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Sigelei Kaos Z Mod Yellow $37.98

West Coast Vape Supply

Snag up this deal that lets you get a yellow Sigelei Kaos Z Mod for only $37.98! The guys that are running this deal has told me they’re selling like hotcakes, so jump on it quick before it passes you by. With this deal, all other colors available for the Kaos Z Mod will cost you $39.99 but they’re running a special on the yellow color (probably over ordered them), which will help save you a few extra dollars. Hey, every penny counts, right? – When you add it to the cart, the price will adjust to $37.98.

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Super unique and remarkably appealing to say the least, the new Sigelei Kaos Z Mod is a sure winner when it comes to originality. Sigelei first announced the Kaos line when it came out with the Sigelei Kaos Spectrum, which blew everyone’s mind. It offered a unique touch with a LED-lit bezel, and they’re doing yet the same thing with this new addition to the series. The Sigelei Kaos Z Mod delivers a truly stunning design that resembles a high-end personal computer, yet comes equipped with a Sigelei manufactured microchip. This advanced microchip has the capability of monitoring your vape output. In fact, it features incredible improvements across the board as compared to its predecessors, such as a more fluid readout, a more accurate output, and believe it or not but it offers an even better use of the amps from your 18650 batteries. To give you a quick rundown of what you’re getting, the Sigelei Kaos Z Mod has LED-lit internals, a 3 button control, a color OLED display, clear side panels, it offers up to a 200W output, it comes equipped with temperature controlĀ as well as other features to improve performance, and it houses two 18650 batteries for lengthy vape sessions. What more could you ask for! There’s more, we just didn’t list it.


Blake Brown
Blake Brown

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