A new survey, the 2014 American E-Cigarette Etiquette Survey, conducted by Harris Interactive and funded by Mistic, reported that 63 percent of the public is okay with someone vaping near them.

In the survey the respondents were asked two questions:

  1. If someone was using an electronic cigarette, or an e-cigarette, in close proximity to you, would it bother you?
  2. Would you approve or disapprove of someone using an e-cigarette in the following locations, or do you have no opinion one way or the other? (locations included sporting event, shopping mall, bar/restaurant, public transportation, office building, movie theater, airplane)

According to the telephone survey of 505 men and 506 women – 58 percent of respondents say they are fine with allowing “vaping” at sporting events. When it comes to malls, restaurants and bars and office settings, we’re less tolerant. At the bottom of acceptance was public transportation (35 percent approved), movie theaters (29 percent), and on an airplane (26 percent). More men than women (71 percent vs. 55 percent) said someone using e-cigarettes in their presence wouldn’t bother them. In general, men were more tolerant of their use in restaurants and bars than women (52 percent vs. 38 percent).

John Wiesehan Jr., co-founder and CEO of North Carolina-based Mistic, says they did this survey more for their own education, and that some municipalities allow e-cigarettes, some don’t and others are looking at how they want to handle it.

Other survey results included:

*Adults under age 35 (70 percent) were more likely than adults 65 and older (46 percent) to say they didn’t mind people using e-cigarettes near them. *Midwesterners who gave an opinion were more tolerant than people living in the West about people using an e-cigarette on an airplane. *People making $50,000-$75,000 a year were less likely to care about someone vaping than someone with a smaller salary.