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Back To The Tried And True

If you were informed enough and put in the initial research for electronic cigarettes, chances are you started off with the tried and true “eGo”. The eGo is more sought after than the stick style e-cigs that started this craze, mainly because of its more common 510 threaded connection...


Will Variable Voltage Be The Future of Vaping?

Variable voltage  devices have swept the electronic cigarette market from under its feet and has planted its foundation for more vv e-cigs to come. Variable Voltage or VV devices have become more popular just in this recent year of 2011 and expect to grow substantially in china made devices to U.S...

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The Good and The Bad of China and eCigs

China has surely became the leading in produced goods for the United States, but what kind of impact does it have in our cramped market of Electronic Cigarettes? After Hon Lik – a Chinese Pharmacist, invented the first modern electronic cigarette in 2003, the following year they were...

Vape Juice Reviews

Blue Water Punch – VolcanoEcigs

With my package from came not only a LavaTube Kit, but it also came with a delicious bottle of e-liquid. Volcano Ecigs are mostly known for their quality hardware, but from my experience with Blue Water Punch, I now know they offer the full shebang. Located on the bottle was a...

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LavaTube – VolcanoEcigs

Every once in a while comes along a mod that abruptly sweeps the market of mods and causes hype and high expectations. The LavaTube from did just that. The LavaTube was probably the most talked about and the most purchased mod in the year of 2011 and from GuideToVaping’s...



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Aspire AVP