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Electronic Cigarette News

E-Cig Company Sues Competition

Now that electronic cigarettes are booming (and have been for a while now), the competition between e-cig companies is getting hot. These companies are spending great amounts to advertise their brand and get a piece of the action. In recent news, Vapor Shark, an electronic cigarette company located...

Electronic Cigarette News

E-Cig Brand Gets Exposure From ESPN

It’s wild how quickly electronic cigarettes are moving throughout the world with its advertising. It was like one minute they’re this device no one has heard of and then the next minute, everyone and their brother has at least seen some type of media talking about them. In the latest...

Electronic Cigarette News

Reynolds Settles Trademark Suit

The more well established electronic cigarette companies already know it, but these new guys entering the industry may be unaware of just how much Reynolds protects its branded names; Such as the most recent time Reynolds sued an e-cigarette company back in late 2012. Believe it not, but...



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