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Electronic Cigarette Coupons

If you are searching the internet for Electronic Cigarette Coupons you have fallen on the right page.  Every gas station, convenience store and most retail outlets that sell cigarettes now sell their electronic counterparts. The fact that you are here says that you have probably heard that they are...


Provari Vs. Lavatube/VariTube – Again??

Yes, we are having this conversation again. Without delving into the scores of threads on every vaping/ecig forum, there are other people out there still asking the question.  I caught a post on Reddit the other day once again asking “Provari or Lavatube” and started wondering if any of...


The Guide To Electronic Cigarettes 101 – And Then Some

You’ve heard about electronic cigarettes. Chances are you might have tried one in hopes to find a better alternative to smoking. Maybe you are just curious at the thought of a better nicotine delivery system. I’m betting some of you reading this will be looking for answers as to why...

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Time Without The E-Cig

With smoking, we know all to well about the times of counting the hours we could refrain from lighting up another cig. If you were a chain smoker, then even making it an hour-long without taking another puff was an accomplishment. Once we switched to the electronic cigarette, we felt more at ease...

Vape Meets

VapeStock 2012- Florida. An image gallery

This weekend in vaping, brought the 2nd annual Florida Vape Meet known as VapeStock. Vapers new and old gathered to see old friends, meet new ones and check out the latest in ecig/vaping product offerings. Where: Clearwater FL. Here’s a glimpse of what you might have missed if you...

Basic Information

What is an e cigarette?

What are e cigarettes? The electronic cigarette, or e-cigarette was developed as a reduced harm product as an alternative to smoking. e-cigarettes deliver vapor (which looks similar to smoke) and optionally, nicotine- the addictive ingredient in cigarettes and tobacco. (also a naturally occurring...

Product Reviews Vape Mod Reviews

A Quick Look at The SD Keychain ecig

I’m not sure what made me decide to buy one of these SD Keychain ecigs. I wasn’t really in the market for a small battery ecig- but something piqued my curiosity and the order was placed. The SD was created by Trog, the same Trog that created the original Screwdriver PV mod. The SD is a...

Product Reviews

Bloog Electronic Cigarette – bloogplanet

Today I am reviewing a single disposable Electronic Cigarette called Bloog, from It came in a nice sealed package along with a $10 discount on next order included inside, like so: Upon opening it I was a bit confused why there wasn’t an end piece to the cartridge. One thing I...



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Innokin Podin