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Provari Vs. Lavatube/VariTube – Again??

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Yes, we are having this conversation again. Without delving into the scores of threads on every vaping/ecig forum, there are other people out there still asking the question.  I caught a post on Reddit the other day once again asking “Provari or Lavatube” and started wondering if any of our readers were still curious about this “debate”.

Both the Provari and the LavaTube/VariTube are VV (Variable Voltage). This means you can dial in your sweet spot and adjust the voltage output for different Ohm cartos and attys.  (Mine is between 5-5.5v on a DC 2.0 Ohm carto in a DCC tank, right now.)

When you compare the two side by side, there is no comparison. In both the quality of the PV and the quality of the vape, the Provari is the obvious choice, hands down. The Provari has a better chip/program and hits better and more consistently, quicker. So why is the question still being asked? – My guess is that people are trying to be sold on the idea of spending $200 on a PV and need backup consensus that they are making the right decision. If we had the cash for a Provari, we wouldn’t likely consider a LavaTube/VariTube/etc. as an adversary. This reasoning goes beyond the build, and is mostly based on the actual chip and programming in the Provari.

If you put the two side by side and take a vape, the Provari wins, but if you consider not having a  VV device vs. having a LavaTube, you’ll be glad to have the LavaTube. In short, it’s a game of knowing what you want and balancing what is in the budget. Not everyone’s sweet spot will be the same, and for that matter, the Joye eGo and CE’s still appeal to, and work for a lot of vapers. Do you need a Provari if the vapor from an eGo works for you?

If you are looking for a VV PV, and can put a couple hundred into a mod – place that order for the Provari (or a Darwin perhaps?). Unfortunately, a lot of us vapers don’t have the budget for these high-end PV’s. If that is your situation, shop around for a good deal on the LavaTube or VariTube. A knockoff LavaTube alone can be found for around $45. …but then again, a knockoff isn’t always as good. It’s all about YOUR sweet spot, and there are a lot of options out there. What works for you?

In closing, the Provari wins this one hands down.  …Don’t have the $200 for a Provari? Get a LavaTube! They are two different PV’s and in two different classes.
Check out a video review by Fazed from ECF and the review by Blake located below.

[youtube id=”BlwRV15y-kY” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Chrome LavaTube Review By Blake (GTV)


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  1. Have both a ProVari and a LT… there’s three things I noticed:

    1. The ProVari is heavier
    2. The button feels better (to me) on the PV
    3. The LED display is different

    Notice I didn’t say “vapor output/taste/throat hit is better”? It’s because using both on either my 3ohm DCT or 2.8ohm Vivi Nova, there isn’t a difference.

    So in a sense, I agree with the post- if you have the $$$ to burn and just HAVE to have the ProVari, get it… but in the grand scheme of things, don’t sweat it if you don’t.

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