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A List of Reasons

As I finished my first introduction on Facebook to my local friends (most I have not talked face to face with in years) about my passion and what I do on a daily basis (Write on GTV), I started to re-read what I just wrote just like I do here every time I write an article. I came to the part where...

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The Good and The Bad of China and eCigs

China has surely became the leading in produced goods for the United States, but what kind of impact does it have in our cramped market of Electronic Cigarettes? After Hon Lik – a Chinese Pharmacist, invented the first modern electronic cigarette in 2003, the following year they were...

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We Are Vapers -A Documentary Film

(From We Are Vapers – A Documentary Film from Linc Williams on Vimeo.   We Are Vapers A Documentary Film An Exploration into the World of Harm Reduction WHAT’S THE STORY ABOUT? Smoking tobacco can contribute to major health,problems. In the United States and Canada...



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