As I finished my first introduction on Facebook to my local friends (most I have not talked face to face with in years) about my passion and what I do on a daily basis (Write on GTV), I started to re-read what I just wrote just like I do here every time I write an article. I came to the part where I said “Once you reach that point of ‘it’s not cool anymore’ or the realization that you can get what you crave (nicotine) at lower cost and with a healthier lifestyle, you’ll want to make the switch also.”, I started wondering what are the reasons one wouldn’t give vaping a try. Thinking from an outside standpoint, these are the reasons that come to mind.

“E-Cigs look weird.”

Do they really? – I haven’t noticed. But what I have noticed is that I can breathe easier and I feel great. Heh…

“What will my friends or people around me think?”

Who cares what the people around you think? – Who has this habit, you or them? – Do they support your habbit? No! – When making the switch to electronic cigarettes, it’s not about anyone else but yourself.

“They seem like they would be expensive.”

Yea, if you’re buying from someone like Green Smoke. E-Cigs are actually really cheap compared to tobacco cigarettes. I wrote a bit about that here.

“Ordering online? – I’d much rather buy locally.”

The electronic cigarette market has grown quite substantially in the past couple years. If you don’t already have an e-cig shop near by, keep an eye out because they’re spreading like flies all across the United States.

“It all looks confusing.”

Electronic cigarettes are actually very simple. It all consists of 3 major components. The battery for power, the atomizer or cartomizer to heat the e-liquid to produce vapor and the e-liquid which has your nicotine and flavor. Not to mention GuideToVaping has provided you with many tutorials, reviews and e-cig information to help you along the way.

Do you know of any reasons your friends that smoke wouldn’t want to give vaping a try? – If so, let us know and give us your response to it.