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We Are Vapers – A Documentary Film from Linc Williams on Vimeo.


We Are Vapers

A Documentary Film

An Exploration into the World of Harm Reduction


Smoking tobacco can contribute to major health,problems. In the United States and Canada alone, over 50 million people are spending over $50 billion each year for a product which could eventually kill them. The vast majority of smokers who attempt to quit fail.

Today virtually all efforts in tobacco control are prohibitionist in nature and are aimed at breaking nicotine addiction to prevent the use of all tobacco products, rather than focusing on reducing smoke exposure.

There is a different approach to saving lives – Tobacco Harm Reduction

Tobacco harm reduction describes actions that one can take to lower the health risks associated with smoking tobacco. Tobacco Harm Reduction strategies center around providing sufficient nicotine to maintain normal functioning while eliminating the harmful effects of inhaling smoke. A very important part of tobacco harm reduction is simply educating people about the risks of different sources of nicotine.

Electronic cigarettes are intended as an alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes. They are not designed to treat nicotine addiction, only provide nicotine in a safer manner. Electronic cigarettes are a simple devices that affords the committed smoker nicotine intake through a battery-operated system.

Recent estimates indicate that there are approximately 2.5 million e-cigarette users in the United States.

This film will explore the concept of Smoking Tobacco Harm Reduction, e-cigarettes role and the community that has risen alongside it.

This documentary will cover:

·   History of E-Cigarettes

·   Personal Stories of e-cigarette users (also known as Vapers)

·   The Concept of Harm Reduction

·   The Personalities of the Community

·   The Health Implications



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We Are Vapers – A Documentary Film from Linc Williams on Vimeo.