We gave the electronic cigarette community an opportunity to choose who and what was the best of 2012… and we’ve heard your voice this year loud and clear.

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Without further ado, here are the results for The Best of 2012 – Vape Vendors and Community.

Best New E-Liquid Vendor

Best E-Liquid Vendor

Most Creative E-Liquid Name

Most Creative E-Liquid Flavor

Top E-Liquid of 2012

Best Pricing on E-Liquid

Best One Stop Shop

Most Seen Vendor

Best Prices: Accessories

Best Prices: Batteries

Best Customer Service

Best Tank System

Best Cartomizer

Best Atomizer

Best New Mod

2012’s Must Have Accessory

Most Helpful Network

Vape Network With The Best Content

Vape Show With The Best Content

Most Entertaining Host / Show

Host With The Best Music

  • Russell Wishtart – Click, Bang!
  • Total Votes: 176
  • Total Category Votes: 478
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Most Giving Host

Most Helpful Forum

  • E-Cigarette Forum – “ECF”
  • Total Votes: 722
  • Total Category Votes: 1,094
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Best New Blog

Best Blog of 2012

Best Vape Meet

Favorite Reviewer

Vaping’s Biggest Supporter


  • Total Categories: 29
  • Total Votes From All Categories: 24,256

I’m sure this is becoming annoying for how many times I’ve said this, but I greatly appreciate you all for participating in GuideToVaping’s Best of 2012. This polling system is great for giving back to your favorite vendors. It not only gives them recognition for the hard work over the last year, but thousands of viewers who come to daily will see the best of the best. It will help viewers make wiser and hassle free decisions on what to purchase and from what vendors. Not only do the vendors get the recognition, but our community receives it as well. To those reviewers, hosts, shows, blogs and networks… you’re making a difference and we all see it. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to this community.

Vendors: You’ve put on blast sharing our news, reviews and information and I thank you for contributing.  You’ve supported us throughout the year and ‘we’ as a community are glad we can return the favor and support you. If you’re interested in working with GuideToVaping, please use the contact page so we can further that support.

Viewers: You’ve voted on the best of the best and here are the results. You’ve set a path for new vapers and you’ve given back. Thank you for placing your votes and making “The Best of 2012” what it has become. If you’re interested in contributing more with news, reviews and information, please get in touch with us using the contact page.