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The Best of 2018 Results

West Coast Vape Supply

Guide To Vaping’s Best of 2018 Results are in and we hope you enjoyed this years online polling event. Whether who you voted for or not won this year, I’m glad all of us vapers could come together as one community and show recognition to those that go above and beyond to better this industry. Guide To Vaping’s “Best of” event is used as the ultimate guide to helping vapers find the best products, the best stores to buy from, the best people to stay up to date with, and the best groups to follow. As with each year since 2011, we all thank you for doing your part and participating in this years online polling event.


We would like to take this space to say thank you to our sponsor this year, West Coast Vape Supply. For those that aren’t aware, West Coast Vape Supply is one of the industry’s largest ejuice supply company’s on the web and they stock a whole variety of different brands and flavors to choose from. It’s also increasing its hardware categories, making it an incredible vape store to shop at. I have personally communicated with the staff behind this company for a good portion of 2018 and have built a solid relationship with them. As someone that has been vaping since 2011, I love what these guys are about, which is helping vapers save money by offering rock bottom prices on the industry’s latest products. Again, thank you for your sponsorship and participation in GuideToVaping’s Best of 2018!

Best of 2018

  • Vapor Authority – 416 Votes
  • Vaping Underground Forums – 411 Votes
  • Broadside Mods – 383 Votes

Best Customer Service

  • Vapor Authority – 759 Votes
  • 806 Vapes – 226 Votes
  • VapeWild – 181 Votes

Best Vape Prices

  • Vapor Authority – 267 Votes
  • FastTech – 215 Votes
  • VapeWild – 169 Votes

Best Hardware Brand

  • GeekVape – 757 Votes
  • VOOPOO – 424 Votes
  • Innokin – 424 Votes

Best E-Liquid Brand

  • Naked 100 – 400 Votes
  • Cosmic Fog – 371 Votes
  • 12 Monkeys Vapor – 357 Votes

Best Salt Nic Brand

  • Naked 100 Salt – 547 Votes
  • Dinner Lady – 309 Votes
  • Bad Drip Salts – 100 Votes

Best CBD E-Liquid Brand

  • Alaska Cannabis Exchange – 190 Votes
  • CBD Chefs – 186 Votes
  • Koi – 181 Votes

Best Vape Pod System

  • Lost Vape Orion – 453 Votes
  • Aspire Breeze 2 – 431 Votes
  • Innokin EQ – 404 Votes

Best Vape Mod

  • GeekVape Aegis Legend – 929 Votes
  • Innokin Proton – 366 Votes
  • DOVPO Topside Squonk Mod – 339 Votes

Best Vape Tank

  • Uwell Crown 4 – 982 Votes
  • Innokin Zenith – 391 Votes
  • Freemax Mesh Pro – 256 Votes

Best Rebuildable Atomizer

  • WOTOFO Profile RDA – 1,021 Votes
  • HeelVape Drop Dead RDA – 420 Votes
  • Dead Rabbit RTA – 209 Votes

Best Vape Forum

  • Vaping Underground – 506 Votes
  • ECF/Electronic Cigarette Forum – 400 Votes
  • Box Mod Mafia – 258 Votes

Best Vape Blog

  • VaporJoes – 529 Votes
  • MikeVapes – 377 Votes
  • GrimmGreen – 370 Votes

Best Vape YouTube Channel

  • Vaping With Vic – 918 Votes
  • Mike Vapes – 710 Votes
  • Mr. JustRight1 – 461 Votes

Best Advocacy Group

  • CASAA – 837 Votes
  • VTA (Vapor Technology Association) – 214 Votes
  • Canadian Vaping Association – 191 Votes

Blake Brown
Blake Brown

Blake is the owner and creator of the Guide To Vaping blog. He has expressed his passion for the vaping industry through his deeply rooted and highly informative content. Being a writer and content provider for the vaping industry for year's, Blake has also gained experience from working with multiple blogs and well respected companies.

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  1. Sounds rigged to me. Just look at best rebuildable.

    • I own each of the top 3. And in my opinion the voters got it right and in the correct order. I loved the Drop dead. It was perfect for me. Then wotofo said. “That’s not a vape
      This is a vape.” And despite the bias I had against wotofo, I recognized the smile it brought to my face.

    • Lol. You must have never used the profile

    • Not rigged just b.s in a way but money speaks louder.

    • Rigged? I’ve been doing this since 2011, and there’s nothing rigged about it. Everyone knows this, smartone.

      • I have screenshots of you admitting to manipulation, are you sure you wanna play this?

        • Your comment is funny. What are you talking about? The only person I said was “allowing” users to manipulate the polls and not discourage them from doing so was Vic. I cannot remove Vic from the polls since he himself did do this. My complaint about was was that he wasn’t doing anything to ‘discourage’ the users from doing it. Do not come on my website and try to threaten me with nonsense. If I want to shut you up, I simply won’t approve your comments and blacklist your IP from the site. I don’t have time for your childishness today buddy.

        • Andrew Summerfield December 30, 2018 at 10:59 am

          Blake , if that was the case that “People” weren’t allowed in the “Best Of” category , why was Zophie Vapes never removed from the list and yes I’ve checked on multiple occasions at the time when you removed Vic and others ? ? ?

        • Maybe because that person didn’t have enough votes to make a difference?

        • How can we manipulate the polls genuinely interested.

        • By voting multiple times, as you’ve admitted to doing already in a comment you’ve made that I have yet to approve. One vote per IP/household. The polls do not naturally ‘allow’ you to vote more than once. Vic hasn’t been punished on the polls at all for anything. In fact, he remains on the polls. The reason why ‘people’ and Vic were removed from the Best of 2018 category specifically because that specific poll wasn’t intended for ‘people’. It isn’t just him, no one ‘person’ will win the Best of 2018.

  2. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication Blake.
    Happy Holidays

  3. Is there any way to consolidate items? Squid Industries and the misspelled “Squid Industry” are the same company. votes may get split between the two

  4. Think you need to check your shit ie ‘ronnie cash child porn’ is not acceptable!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Im finding it hard to believe the results. I mean how do u win a best blog if u dont have one

  6. Had an issue with the salt nic catagory. I put in a named vote for Bee Salty and when I submitted my answers it counted my vote for Get Salty.

  7. How does the jenna get 2nd place in best rebuildable of 2018 when it hasn’t even been released… give me a break. How can you possibly take this seriously?

  8. Really wish people would do this to heart. Because it helps customers in the long run. Just saying

  9. Thanks Blake, much appreciated. Love what you’ve done. Merry And Happy New year to you!

  10. In the “rebuildable” section, how is the Rebirth listed under more than one name. It’s listed under Rebirth and Hellvape Rebirth. If you add the votes up the Rebirth should be higher up on the list.

  11. Hi,
    You are unable to vote with Facebook/ Twitter etc as it errors?

  12. Vaping with Vic doesn’t even have a blog or forum but cronies from his facebook group have voted him into the top 5.

  13. Thanks for the time and effort you have put into this Blake.

  14. How often does it update I voted as have all my employees for the profile as best Rda’s and it doesn’t show my vote ? Texas native !!!! Congratulations #Mrjustright !!!!!!

  15. Hello Blake. I noticed the Rebirth rda has 3 spots in Rebuildables

  16. All categories are personally subjective, but I would have to say that this is mostly a popularity vote when some “You Tubers” and I won’t mention names, are campaigning for votes via email.

  17. i just recently found Hit that juice, Boston Cream and it changed my life. Lol. That stuff is amazing i wish I would have found it sooner.

    thanks for giving me a chance to vote, im a nobody in the vape community but do appreciate the chance to get my opinion out.

  18. Poor form removing vaping
    with vic

  19. Where did Vaping with Vic go?

  20. how come you removed all the vaping with vic votes I and many of my friends voted only once Vic as best you tube reviewer only to have our votes ignored if you knew people had voted more than once just remove the duplicate votes

  21. Well you certainly know how to undermine your own credibility by selectively removing nominees from individual categories.

  22. Thank you for allowing the consumers & community a place to say what they feel is the best of 2018 I hope everybody vote pure honest !!!!! Mad love from Joel !!

  23. Why vaping with vic not on best of anymore?

  24. Wish you could take vic out of all categories he is a bully to other reviewers hates it when someone else does well chucks all his toys out the wont be long before he chucks tvp in the gutter for his own gain cant wait for that one

  25. Well, I only voted for Vaping with Vic one time. I didn’t do the poll more than once. I don’t see how someone could anyway, because none of the login social media links work; the only login to vote that works is the email one.

    I only saw one person say they done the poll twice, because I’m in that group on Facebook.

    Maybe if you just had the Facebook login active and working, there wouldn’t be any doubts.

    I mean, did you scour every person’s social account that got a vote, to check if any of their members done the poll more than once, or did you just look at Vic’s? How do you know others didn’t do the poll twice, but just not say they did or posted somewhere else.

    Imagine if all the social media logins actually worked… How would you know peeps didn’t do the poll from different accounts.

    (I’m on my phone, so I don’t know if the social media logins work on a computer.)

    How can you say the poll is valid if the voting system can be manipulated. That just makes all the results invalid.

    • Look, I don’t know what you’re going on about with mentioning Vic. He hasn’t be punished on the polls… in fact, he’s winning in two categories. When I shared with Vic that he wasn’t ‘discouraging’ his followers from voting multiple times, it’s because one of his followers emailed me with proof that people in his group were bragging about it and nothing was being said to discourage it.

      There is no real way to stop someone from voting more than once, but I implement things to discourage it, such as tracking IP’s and blocking them from voting more than once. Even with the social logins working, it will still not completely stop someone from voting more than once. The social logins are simply there to allow people to quickly be able to vote, instead of typing in their email. This year, there is something wrong with the social logins, and the reasons why I have not had my developer fix it, is because it isn’t a problem. If someone wants to vote, simply type in an email and vote. You’re going on and on about the social logins, yet they do not even matter. As long as we’re ‘online’ there will never be a voting system that is 100% proof. However, I expect those who participate to earn votes to at least discourage others from attempting to vote multiple times, or as I call it, manipulating the polls.

  26. Will you be doing any more Best of’s in the future?

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