Welcome to Guide To Vaping’s Best of 2018 online polling event! Each year the vaping community comes together to participate in an online annual event that allows vapers to vote on who and what they thought were the best in the year 2018. If you’re asking yourself why you should participate, we have several reasons to share. This event brings the community together, it gives vapers something they can collectively take part in, it acts as a guide for vapers helping them find the best products, vendors, and groups, and shows recognition to those who go above and beyond in the vaping industry. To those who take part in Guide To Vaping’s “Best of” each year, we thank you!


West Coast Vape Supply LogoFirst established in August 2013, West Coast Vape Supply became one of the industry’s most prominent online vape shops. The Las Vegas, Nevada brand has been through the highs and the lows of the market, and it’s also witnessed it grow into a multibillion-dollar industry which has been developed to help smokers transition to a much better alternative, vaping. During its time, West Coast Vape Supply has served vaping consumers by providing the best vape juice and a full variety of the latest hardware, including atomizers, mods, vape pens, batteries, sub-ohm tanks, vape coils, e-liquid, and much more.

West Coast Vape Supply offers an incredible shopping experience for vaping consumers by creating an easy to navigate, appealing, and organized online store. You’ll be able to quickly leap to its Vape Juice Bundles, the store’s Best Sellers, the latest Deals, the best Vape Juice, the industry’s newest Nicotine Salts, hefty Salt Nic Bundles, powerful Devices, trending Sub-Ohm Tanks, and the most popular Starter Kits from its many categories. With hundreds of products to choose from and a store that has been designed to enhance your shopping experience, you’ll quickly become a fan of one of the industry’s hottest online vape shops, West Coast Vape Supply.

Far from any ordinary ejuice supplier, West Coast Vape Supply is a store that comes with many incentives to earn your business. It’s one of the industry’s largest suppliers of vapor products, it stocks nearly 150 e-liquid brands, 25 hardware brands, it has one of the industry’s largest selections of nicotine salts, over 100 current deals on vapor products at any given time, and that doesn’t include its large list of bundle deals that makes vaping even more affordable! Add in its quick next-day shipping, its unbelievable every day low prices, and its free shipping on all orders over $100, and you’ve got yourself a reason to shop with the west coast’s premier vape supply store.

While its store is impressive, its shelves are stocked to the brim, and there are many reasons why you should shop with West Coast Vape Supply, the company’s most vibrant trait is its incredible customer service. It has a full staff of employees that have decades of experience and are not only there to work in managing daily operations, but is also there to serve you to the highest degree. If you want good customer service, then great. If you want the best customer service, welcome to West Coast Vape Supply!


Swagg Sauce LogoBased out of Arizona, Swagg Sauce provides premium handcrafted vape juice that has been blended to deliver a flavor experience that’s beyond ordinary. The brand, which made its debut into the vapor products landscape in 2014, quickly catapulted to the top as a leading contender in the e-liquid market. Making its mark in the industry, Swagg Sauce has provided a hefty list of the most incredible flavors, spanning from its original Swagg Sauce collection to its Swagg Sauce Reserve collection to its Salt Nerd Salt Nicotine collection. It features a fascinating array of ejuice deals, from bundles to Holiday specials to daily deals, you’ll have no problem saving and getting more. If you’re looking to add a little ‘swag’ to your daily vape, check out Swagg Sauce!


CBDfx LogoHeadquartered in the golden state, this California-based company has become a staple in the world of CBD products. CBDfx has created a brand that embodies a mission of encouraging better health and wellness by manufacturing a product that utilizes the highest quality industrial hemp. CBD products have made an incredible impact on the vaping industry, and CBDfx has been leading the charge with its highly beneficial collection of full-spectrum CBD. Its fascinating product range spans from CBD Gummy Bears, CBD Oil Tinctures, CBD pens, CBD Hemp Additives, CBD Drinks, CBD Pet Hemp Oil, CBD Hemp Cream, CBD Vape Pens, and CBD Vape Juice. When looking for your next CBD product to try, think CBDfx!


How To Participate / Vote
  • 1. There are 5 categories to vote on. You are given 3 choices. Choose the proper choice, and go to the next category.
    • Option 1: Choose from a list of entries previously submitted by other voters.
    • Option 2: Manually write in your own entry IF it doesn’t already exist in the list in option 1.
    • Option 3: Skip the category entirely.
  • 2. Once you’ve completed one of the three options in each category, click the Submit button.
  • 3. You will then be asked to Login or submit your email. Doing this finalizes and records your entries and votes.
  • 4. Next, you are given the option to share your participation.
  • 5. You will then be redirected to the results page.
Rules & Guidelines
  • Voting Starts on December 15, 2018 and Ends on December 31, 2017 (Mid-Day).
  • Votes are recorded by browser cookie and IP address – One vote per user/ip.
  • If you are caught giving away free product in exchange for votes, your company/brand/products will be removed from the polls.

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      • forum


        1A meeting or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged.

        Hi im admin on approved vapers and we won 2016 ecig click awards for best forum
        As far as im aware the definition of the word would include facebook community groups
        Have a wonderful christmas to you and all 🙂

      • Not quite sure what the issue is really, the definition of forum is:
        *1A meeting or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged.

        1.1 A website or web page where users can post comments about a particular issue or topic and reply to other users’ postings.

        2 North American A court or tribunal.

        3(in an ancient Roman city) a public square or marketplace used for judicial and other business.*

        Based off this definition Facebook is a website/web page, We often comment on issues that are raised by Staff, members and often exchange ideas and views.

        Now i am by any means trying to cause an argument however the Guidetovaping Polls do not reference forums as in ‘Community Discussion Boards’ however the definition of an ‘Internet Forum’ is again referencing a similar description of what is occurring on our group, we just choose not to run Xenforo/vBulletin/IPS/MyBB e.t.c. which are more commonly known as Bulletin Boards.

        *An Internet forum, or message board, is an online discussion site where people can hold conversations in the form of posted messages. They differ from chat rooms in that messages are often longer than one line of text, and are at least temporarily archived*

        I’m more than happy to discuss this further but as i am only a lower ranking member of staff however the Techie for the group i am not sure i am suitably positioned on the full ins and outs of our group. I do however own several large community bulletin boards with members totalling 400,000 and a last thread count of 3 Million unique discussion topics.

        Warm Regards

        • Thank you for letting me know. I have seen approved “vapors” and looked them up, finding a Facebook group. I deleted it from certain categories, however, I will have my developer look in the database to get those numbers for me and they’ll be added back to those categories.

  1. What a crock of shit. You talk about manipulation yet your the one manipulating results by removing people/companies.

    This is the first time I’d heard of guide to vaping, will be the last time as well.

  2. Seriously Blake I think you have got vaping wrong and Yu need to wake up champ, I noticed a lot of changes to your guide and how we vote, I have to say that the influences be it reviewers are the ones we listen to for advice on Nods not the manufacturers not dissimilar to electronics reviewers like unbox therapy so please wake up smell the coffee and get back to why we all read this.

    Thank you.

    • The thing is, I’m awake. There’s just a bunch of followers that are a little hurt because their favorite reviewer was removed from a specific category. I’m not going to apologize for that. No single person will ever win the “best of 2018” category. If you want to see a person do well in a category, vote for them in their respective categories, but do not try to push me into making a change to please someone’s audience. Just not going to happen. I am taking nothing away from reviewers, in fact I’m one myself, but I do not feel any reviewer is the best of this entire year and for anyone that does is living in fantasy land.

  3. Remove Jai Haze from Best of 2018, as he is a person not a brand. You have removed others for this reason, please continue. Don’t let your site become biased against/for certain people, as this will kill your reputation.