Since we recently published a complete guide to the VOOPOO Drag 2 Mod, we felt that it was only right to share a complete guide to the VOOPOO Drag Mini Mod as well. While the Drag Mini is perceived as its little brother, it’s just as advanced. With that said, if you need help with your Drag Mini Mod and want to learn the ins-and-outs of your new investment, then use this guide and discover tons of information about its features, how to operate it, and frequently asked questions about the VOOPOO Drag Mini Mod.

VOOPOO & The New Drag Mini Mod

Establishing itself in 2014 originally to serve the medical and industrial fields, VOOPOO immediately became recognized as a professional brand that has capabilities of producing quality equipment. Just a few short years later, VOOPOO acquired a vapor products brand in 2017 where it officially entered the vaping industry to make its mark. In the present, the brand is now one of the largest and most popular manufacturers for vapor products. Having an exclusive partnership with GENE chip, VOOPOO has improved on its design and masterfully created the GENE.FAN and its latest GENE.FIT chip is not integrated into one of its most fascinating releases yet, the Drag Mini Mod.

About The VOOPOO Drag Mini Mod

VooPoo Drag Mini Mod External Features

Designed to deliver an appeal that’s far beyond the standard, the VOOPOO Drag Mini Mod is certainly extraordinary when it comes to its appearance. It stands just 81.5mm by 48.5mm by 25.5mm, offering a compact design that’s very comfortable. Aside from the immaculate appearance with its striking resin inlay design, which is available in Atrovirens, Rhodonite, Coral, Prussian Blue, Lava, Prussian, Purple, and Lime, along with an intuitive OLED display, the entire device is structurally sound. It’s constructed of a superior zinc alloy material, making it both durable and lightweight. There’s a three-button control face to make necessary adjustments, and a micro-USB port is equipped towards the bottom, which allows for both charging and future firmware upgrades.

Powering the VOOPOO Drag Mini Mod is an integrated 4400mAh rechargeable battery that’s sure to carry you throughout long durations before needing a charge. While its battery capacity is certainly a notable point, the use of the highly advanced GENE.FIT chip is even more noteworthy. It has the capability of reaching up to 177W, features a full temperature control suite with TCR adjustments, and it has a new FIT Mode which has profiles specifically geared towards improving the battery, flavor, or cloud production. Having all these features will be useless if the battery and user aren’t protected, so VOOPOO managed to incorporate a full safety suite into the device, giving you peace of mind and an incredible overall experience.

VOOPOO Drag Mini FIT Mode

What’s Included With The Drag Mini Mod

Like most manufacturers offer these days, the Drag Mini Mod is available as a standalone unit or as a VOOPOO Drag Mini Starter Kit. With the two readily available, it’s up to you to choose which will best fit your situation. If you need just a mod, going with the device alone should be fine, and will save you money as well. However, if you want a tank to go along with it, you can buy the full kit but take on the added cost.

The Drag Mini Mod Includes: You’ll receive the Drag Mini 117W Mod, a USB cable, instructional manual, and a warranty card.

The Drag Mini Kit Includes: You’ll receive the Drag Mini 117W Mod, the UForce T2 Sub-Ohm Tank, a 0.6-ohm P2 Single Mesh Coil, the 0.13-ohm N1 Single Mesh Coil, a spare glass tube, a USB cable, spare parts bag, instructional manual, and a warranty card.

Where To Buy The Drag Mini Mod

By now you’re well aware of that many stores online that sell vapor products. While there are several that are legitimate and have all the perks you should look for, we recommend that you shop at, an online vapor shop that has gained the respect of the vaping community and has become a leader in the online retail space. Vapor Authority offers award-winning customer service, free shipping on orders over $40, they offer competitive pricing, same day shipping, a 60-day warranty, and only authentic products. Be sure to let them know “Blake” sent you.

VOOPOO Drag Mini Operation

Now that we’ve shared information about VOOPOO, we’ve told you all about the VOOPOO Drag Mini, and where you can buy it if you haven’t already, so now we’re at the part where we tell you how to operate this awesome device.  We’ve written many of these guides on products and our viewers have enjoyed reading them. These guides, which act as easy-to-read user manuals have helped thousands of vapers worldwide. We hope we can continue that support we’ve offered over since 2011 and you find something useful from this complete guide to the VOOPOO Drag Mini Mod.

Basic Drag Mini Operation

Verifying The Authenticity: Taking counterfeiting to a high degree, VOOPOO has made it a goal to provide the best service by continuously updating their authenticity check system. They’ve done this since May 2018 and will continue to update the system to help ensure that the product you purchased is truly authentic. To verify the authenticity of your Drag Mini mod, simply looking on the packaging that held your mod and you’ll see a sticker to check the authenticity. There’s a code on the sticker. There are two ways to find this code, which is by scratching the silver cover to reveal the code or slowly rotating the mark in the light. Once you find the code, visit VOOPOO’s Authenticity Query page and validate the product.

How To Turn On The Drag Mini Mod: Press the fire button 5 times consecutively. To turn the device off, repeat the process.

How To Activate and Vape: From the first time you turn the device on, it will automatically default to the variable wattage mode that comes equipped. While in this “VW” mode, you can adjust the wattage by pressing the up or down on the adjustment buttons located on the control face, or you can rely on the automatically recommended wattage feature that the device will provide upon startup. Once you’ve got the desired wattage set, press and hold the fire button until you reach the desired amount of vapor.

How To Adjust The Wattage: While in the wattage or power mode, you can press up or down on the adjustment buttons located on the device’s control face. The button on the top will raise the wattage and the button on the bottom will lower the wattage.

How To Adjust The Temperature: While in the temperature control mode, you can press up or down on the adjustment buttons located on the device’s control face. The button on the top will raise the temperature and the button on the bottom will lower the temperature.

Main Drag Mini Operation

How To Switch Between Modes: To switch between the different modes on the VOOPOO Drag Mini Mod, press the fire button 3 times to switch from Power Mode (VW), FIT Mode, or temperature control mode.

How To Lock/Unlock The Drag 2 Mod: In order to lock the device you’ll want to press the fire button and top adjustment button simultaneously. To unlock the device, just repeat the process.

How To Switch Screen Orientation: You can switch the screen orientation to better suit you depending on which hand you hold your device in. To switch the orientation of the screen, press the fire button and the bottom adjustment buttons simultaneously.

How To Navigate In FIT Mode: You will first want to make sure you’re in the FIT Mode. You can do this by switching to the FIT Mode by pressing the fire button 3 times and cycling through the modes until you get to “FIT”. Once on the FIT screen, press the top and bottom adjustment buttons to select between 1, 2, and 3. (Battery Set, Flavor Set, Cloud Set)

How To Enter The Function Menu: To enter the function menu, just press the top and bottom adjustment buttons simultaneously.

How To Adjust The Wattage In TC Mode: While you’re in the temperature control (TC) mode, press the fire button 4 times rapidly to activate the wattage adjustment. From there you can adjust the wattage as normal, while in the TC mode.

How To Enter Sleep Mode: Sleep Mode is an automatic feature that was built into the device. After 30-seconds of inactivity, the screen will turn off to save battery life. To turn it back on, just press the fire button once and it will awake.

Drag Mini Mod FAQS

Why Does My Drag Mini Mod Say “CHECK ATOMIZER”?: Often times you’ll see a prompt on your screen that says “CHECK ATOMIZER”. This prompt typically means there is a connection issue of some sorts, which could be the result of the tank not being attached, the tank and the device’s connection between one another (not tightened down enough), or there could even be an issue with your coil not making a connection. If you need help, we have an article that will tell you how to fix a coil connection issue to solve the problem.

Can I Replace The Battery In The Drag Mini Mod?: No, you can’t. Unlike the Drag 2 Mod where the batteries are removable/replaceable, the Drag Mini Mod has a built-in battery that you cannot replace. You must charge the battery via the micro-USB port, and if there is a defect upon receiving the device, you should contact the VOOPOO Support Center for further assistance. The battery that comes built into the mod is a 4400mAh rechargeable battery.

How Can I Check My Mod’s Software Version?: First, enter the function menu by pressing the top and bottom adjustment buttons simultaneously. Next, you’ll then want to select Software Version to reveal the current version installed on the device.

How Do I Upgrade My Drag Mini Mod’s Software?: When an upgrade is available for download, you can visit VOOPOO’s Download and Support page and upgrade the device’s software to take advantage of new features. When you download it, there will be an app to use to conduct the upgrade process with the provided instructions.

Why Did My Drag Mini Mod Turn Off?: There could be a few reasons why your device would suddenly turn off. The first assumption would be that it isn’t actually off, but instead in its automatic Sleep Mode, which is a feature that turns the screen off after 30 seconds of inactivity. The only other reasonable explanation of why your Drag Mini Mod would turn off is because the battery has depleted too far and needs to be recharged.


  • Please keep the device away from heat, fire, and water.
  • Please do not drop, throw, or throw the device in water.
  • Please use the proper working mode according to your coil’s material.
  • Please turn off or lock the device to avoid misfiring when you’re mobile.
  • Keep the contents of the packaging out of reach of children and pregnant women.


  1. What are the original settings?? I think I messed mine up while trying to figure out how it works and it’s weird now… i just want it to be how it originally was but idk what settings those are..

    • I had this question as well. I didn’t know the mod came pre-set; I’d like to get back to those settings, as it worked so well right out of the box.

  2. My husband gave me a mini drag for mother’s day and it just quit charging. You put it on to charge and it does nothing. What went wrong.
    L. Verrett please send me a answer to [email protected]. Thank you in advance

  3. I as well got a drag mini for mother’s day, my battery died so I put it on the charger for about 2 hours now it will not turn back on. When the battery died I was vaping on it. Please help

  4. it looks like i’m a lucky customer, i’ve had nothing but good experiences with my mini drag 2 other than when i accidentally scorched a new coil because it didn’t let it sit long enough before firing for the first time

  5. Put it on the charger at night and poof, dead in the morning, no response to charging via wall / car/ or pc(via usb) nothing. No sign of damage, just won’t cut on.

  6. Thanks for these articles, which are a huge help. Overall, I love this mod; it’s powerful, every function works perfectly. Question: while I’m not new to vaping, I am new to mods with function displays, so I’m not sure what the FIT function on this one does. Its 1.2 and 3 options are for Battery Set, Flavor Set and Cloud Set respectively, but what am I actually setting when I choose one? How am I controlling the battery, flavor or cloud size? Thanks…


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