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The Difference Between Pod Vapes and Disposable Vapes

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If you’re new to vaping or not a vaper, the variety of choices available might seem overwhelming, but there’s no need to worry! Most cannabis vaporizer makers offer three types of cannabis vaporizers: disposables, pods, and combinations of cartridges and batteries. Today, we’ll focus on pod system vapes and disposable vapes, examining their key differences and similarities, as well as the advantages of each type of vaporizer.

Options for Beginners in Vaping

Newcomers to vaping typically have two options as they embark on their vaping journey: pod systems or disposable vapes. While other vaping devices like vape mod systems and pod-mod systems exist, they are usually reserved for individuals with some vaping experience who understand vape devices and e-liquids better.

Basic pod systems and disposable vapes are often the preferred choices for beginners. To make an informed decision between these devices, it’s crucial to understand how they work and their pros and cons. In this article, we will explore the core features of pod devices and disposable vapes, highlighting what sets them apart.

The Key Difference Between a Pod System and a Disposable Vape

The primary distinction between pod systems and disposable vapes lies in their design. A pod system, such as the Novo vape is a refillable vape that includes a pod (cartridge) for refilling your e-liquid when it runs out. In contrast, a disposable vape comes pre-filled with e-liquid and cannot be refilled or taken apart. Proper maintenance of the pod system’s components, such as coils, batteries, and tanks, is necessary.

Disposable vapes, on the other hand, require no maintenance because they cannot be reused once the e-juice or battery depletes. Some disposable vapes may have a rechargeable battery. Pod systems are typically larger and heavier than disposable vapes but not as bulky as advanced mod devices. Disposable vapes are smaller and lighter, making them easy to carry without the need for additional vape equipment or vape juice.

Pros and Cons of Pod Systems

Now, let’s examine the advantages and disadvantages of pod systems.



Pod systems offer a high degree of customization when it comes to e-juice flavors. If you feel like trying different vape liquid flavors, you can easily switch. Some pod devices allow you to replace the entire pod, while others only require changing the coil. You can also choose the type of e-liquid you prefer, such as freebase e-liquids, nicotine salts, or your desired nicotine strength with a pod system.


Pod systems often involve an initial investment for the device and your preferred e-liquid, but the cost decreases over time. When you compare the expenses of smoking cigarettes to using pod systems for vaping, you’ll find a significant reduction in costs. A bottle of vape juice can last a month or longer for most vapers, depending on your usage frequency. Because pod systems are low-powered devices, they consume less e-juice.



Pod systems do require some effort on your part for maintenance. Regularly checking your pod or coil to see if it needs replacement is necessary. Sometimes, your device may produce an unusual flavor or malfunction, indicating that your tank needs cleaning due to trapped debris. If your device has replaceable coils, you’ll also need to prime them and recharge your battery when it runs low. Refilling your tank with e-liquid is part of the maintenance process and keeps your device running smoothly.

Additional Weight and Risk of Spillage

Using pod systems means carrying the extra weight of e liquid bottles and sometimes vaping equipment. You might also need to have a charger on hand since the battery can run out. If you make a mistake while refilling your pod, it could leak into your pocket. It’s best to keep it upright or in a secure position to prevent any spills.

Pros and Cons of Disposable Vapes

Just like with pod systems, it’s essential to consider the advantages and disadvantages of disposable vapes in this discussion.


Easy to Use

Disposable vapes are the simplest and most user-friendly devices because they don’t require any initial setup or maintenance. They can be used only once until the e-liquid or battery runs out. They feature an effortless draw mechanism and a built-in mouthpiece. There’s no need to press any buttons or replace coils. These devices are entirely portable and hassle-free.


Due to their sleek design and lightweight nature, disposable devices are incredibly convenient to carry around. Some of them are pen-shaped, allowing you to discreetly use them by concealing them in your hand. Disposable vapes like the Mike Tyson Vape come with a leak-proof system and eliminate the need to carry extra e-liquids, vaping equipment, or a charger. They often have an LED indicator at the bottom, blinking as you take a draw and notifying you when the e-juice or battery is running low.


Environmental Impact

Disposable vapes are meant to be used once and then thrown away when the e-juice or battery is depleted. Due to their disposable nature, they contribute to increased waste. The extent of littering depends on your personal habits and environmental awareness, but disposable vapes do generate electronic waste, which can be a drawback compared to refillable devices.

Higher Expenses

Disposable vapes tend to be more expensive than other vaping devices because they cannot be reused or refilled with e-liquid once they run out. With pod systems or complex mods, you can simply refill them with e-liquids and continue using the same device. This isn’t the case with disposable vapes. Consequently, if your vaping consumption is high, you may end up purchasing more of them, making them costlier in the long run compared to other vaping devices, where you don’t need to replace the entire device to continue your vaping experience.


In conclusion, choosing between disposable vapes and vape pods boils down to your personal preferences, budget, and vaping experience. Disposable vapes are a hassle-free choice for beginners, while vape pods provide more customization options and a greener alternative for seasoned vapers. When making your decision, weigh the aspects of simplicity versus customization, your budget, environmental concerns, device performance, battery life, and flavor preferences. By carefully considering the pros and cons of both options, you can select the vaping device that suits your needs and elevates your vaping experience.

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