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Salt Nicotine Juice and West Coast Vape Supply

Arguably the best addition to the vaping industry since variable wattage, Salt Nicotine Juice has become the latest hit. It has become a vaper’s ‘magic sauce’ for experiencing high nicotine e-liquid without the harsh throat-hit often associated with high levels. Now users all over the world are...


Vape Tank Maintenance

Cleaning Your Tank So you’ve just picked up a shiny new vape tank and you swear you’re going to keep it in mint condition for as long as it lasts. Where do you begin? Let’s break down the function of a vape tank. Your tank is the “brain” of your vape, to use a biological metaphor. While the power...

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The Best Vape Cotton Money Can Buy

While the coils in our tanks and pods include some of the finest cotton material, there are still applications out there that do not include cotton nor the coil, so users are left to build and construct coils of all kind, from the simplest micro-coil to the most complex. In this article...

Intermediate Vaping Guides

What Is A Squonk Mod and How Do They Work

While the name may sound odd, a squonk mod is one of the most interesting devices on the market. A squonk mod, which is also known as a bottom feeder mod, is a device that has the capability of storing an e-liquid bottle and supplying the e-liquid from the bottom of the device to the top hollowed...


Find Out What E-Liquid Produces The Most Vapor

By this time you’ve got a bit of experience under your belt and you’re wanting to find out what e-liquid produces the most vapor. As you move forward through your journey of vaping, you’ll tend to want a device with an even better performance, e-liquid and products that will help...

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The Best Vape Mod of 2016

Choosing the best vape mod of 2016 is a bit of a tough one.  In fact, there were so many great products released throughout the year that this question deserves weighing out various factors, examining the slew of features, dissecting performance offerings, and concluding with the most cost...

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What Is The Best VaporFi Mod To Buy?

  There are plenty of mods that fall under the VaporFi branding, some offering better performance than others, but what is the best VaporFi mod to buy?  We’re going to list each mod, its main features and strengths, then share our opinion on which one is the best so that your buying...



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