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The DNA 20D

West Coast Vape Supply

Brandon from introduces the soon to be released DNA 20D, which is essentially the brother of the recently released DNA 12. Evolv listened to its audience who craved more power, so it looks like they’ll deliver. This new DNA 20D board offers up to a 20 Watt vaping experience. Along with many features, the DNA 20D also has a built-in organic LED screen, a much higher quality screen than you’re used to seeing in APV’s like the ZMax or LavaTube.

Evolv has always seemed to be the leaders in technology when it comes to the electronic cigarette industry and with this new product, I must say their name “Evolv” is suiting them quite well. I recently acquired the Stallion APV some 2 months ago which offers the Power Regulated DNA 12 board and I’m nothing short of pleased with not only its power, but the fantastic consistency it provides as well.

I don’t think every tube or box out there needs to run off this type of system, but I do believe adding the DNA 12 or soon to be DNA 20D will greatly improve the device’s performance and reliability, along with the DNA’s already established safety features.

Watch the video below for the details from Brandon himself.

[youtube id=”OnFeewvXnyM” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Blake Brown
Blake Brown

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